A Massive 'Thank You' and a Giveaway!

You know what's amazing about the Internet?

I live in a little country called New Zealand but right now someone from Malaysia, the United Kingdom, South Africa, the United States, Egypt, Bolivia, Spain, France, Japan, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Brazil or even Bosnia could be reading this.

I started blogging when I was 15. My best friend, Marissa and I had just finished our national high school exams (PMR) in Malaysia and we were bored out of our minds. So what did 2 teenage girls in the 21st century do? We decided to learn HTML and began designing our own individual websites from scratch. In less than a year I moved to New Zealand and life as a teenager here kept me pretty occupied. That was pretty much the beginning of my blog's 6 year hiatus.

During our summer holidays last year (which is from November to January for us in the Southern Hemisphere) I was back in Malaysia and it was then that I felt the urge to start blogging again. I figured it'd be like a little cyber adventure to get my thoughts out to the world and hey, why not get to know some people from across the world at the same time?

8 months later here I am and this is my blog. No doubt there has been some stressful moments because I always feel like I have some sort of a blog deadline to meet but all in all it has been a blast getting to know you all and receiving your lovely comments and e-mails. So here's me saying a massive THANK YOU to everyone who has made me feel like I'm not sending my thoughts to a virtual black hole every time I click the 'Publish Post' button at the bottom of the screen. For some mysterious reason you guys are here reading my unpolished and somewhat insignificant words. Without your support, feedback and opinions this whole blogging experience wouldn't be as worthwhile. I really do appreciate the time you've taken to express yourself over here and in the e-mails and messages you've sent me so keep them coming because I enjoy hearing from you.

Therefore as a little token of appreciation I'd like to give away not 1, not 2 but 3 pretty headbands to 3 lucky readers whom I will pick randomly. (I know this excludes guys but I have a feeling my male readership is not as large as my female one!)

Now the question is...

How can you be eligible for this giveaway?
Step # 1. You have to be a follower of 'Colours of My Life' and it is limited to 1 entry per person. If you don't have a Blogger account don't worry just yet...

Step #2. Leave a comment and tell me what your favourite colour is and the number of the headband that you like. All those without a Blogger account can use the chatbox on the right.
e.g. My favourite colour is turquoise! Headband 3.

Step #3. Please include your e-mail address so that I'd be able to contact you. If you don't want to reveal your e-mail address in public you may e-mail me your entry at elaiza_(at)hotmail.com.

You have until 17th June 2010 to submit your entry as I'll choose the winners by Friday, 18th June. Alrighty people, it is as easy as 1,2,3... so what are you waiting for?

P.S. I have my first exam on Monday so wish me luck everyone! InshaAllah khair =)


SaLuff said…
Yay giveaway! I just started following you a week ago via Google Reader but I like what I see already!

My Favorite color is yellow but baby blue is very close behind. I like #2!
ajjah said…

I just found your blog and i super love your Fashion Friday esp the Ribbon in the sky tutorial, your blog proved that we girls in hijab can also be fashionable :)

My favourite color is purple and i love #3

Anonymous said…
wahhh giveaway! giveaway! I want all three can?heehehe :D
What a coincidence! I was also planning to do a giveaway but thinking... What to give ey? Hehehe ur gift is kinda cool! I don't really wear headbands so I'll let others comment on this. Hehehe Just thought I'd drop by and say "I'm also your reader. Weeeee!" :) all the best for the exams dear.
shea said…
yipeee!can i try my luck?hehe..i've never tried wearing headscarves with headbands.this might just be my first attempt,insyaAllah :)

My favorite color is PURPLE, and i love #1! :)


You'll do great on your exams,insyaAllah :D
Aneesa said…
Hye miss pretty,

all we have to do is tell u what is our favourite colour??

that's it??

well i love pastels colours. soft pink and blue and the colour of ocean. ANd black of course.

i like no 2 or 3 pls. =)

And since i found ur blog thru vivys' and wrote the comment where u found my blog =p which i dun update anymore, i'm hooked on urs and check it as often as i check vivys'.

so keep on writing...
olin said…
Hi beautiful:)
wow, been following your blog for ages (just kidding) for three weeks now and I get to know ur blog from darlink shea:)
ahaks..altho i'm tad to old 2 b following ur blog (am 28 yay dats 40 in bunny years) but feels like i'm talking to a grown up girl thru ur blog..
so err.. 4 d giveaway ehehh (am blushing now)..faveret color is pink and black and grey (tad too many).. and really like any of the options..
so until than darl..
p/s: u can call me kak olin..
Break a leg with your exams Shahirah! you are in my duas :)
Anonymous said…
yay, bismilllah!! lol

Pink, headband #3


Aisha said…
aww shahirah we LOVE you!! ur blog, u, ur words everything is awesome! and i totally mean that. may Allah always shower u with the greatest of blessings, all the best with ur exams hun!

[its kinda spooky, but i was thinking of a giveaway of 3 items and then i read ur post lol. great minds think alike :P]

hmmm fave colour: emerald green
headband [i love all 3!]: number 3


Anonymous said…
Assalamualaikum Elaiza

I've been your follower since reading Proudduck's blog. Then, you started wearing hijab that really influenced me a lot. Anyway, I'll further my study in Dunedine too, next year at University of Otago. Will you be around next year?

I love purple and I'd like to get headband #1 :)

P/s Good luck Elaiza! All the best!
Azura Yasin said…
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Azura Yasin said…
Hi there! Wow all we've got to do is just to tell you our favourite colours? That is so nice of you! Anyway, here we go :)

My favourite colour is blue.

And i'd be glad to have either one of #2 or #3.

Thank you Sha! <3

Oh yea, my email is zafiz_pallas88@yahoo.com

Take care!
Bubbli said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Almost Clever said…
I think your headbands are gorgeous, and definitely would look awesome on a hijab! Now that, sisters, is what I would call fashionista! lol..

Cool idea! I hope your blog gets put on the massive public posting they do where they choose one blog per day that is interesting and original.. You take the cake on that one, me thinks...

Do announce who wins!
Anonymous said…
Salaam alikoem,

So nice you do this !
My favourite color is purple. I like #3

Kisses kim (oem_nusayba@hotmail.com)
::Kak Sambal:: said…
hi, i join ur giveaway....my feveret is #2

Salam! I just started following your blog! You can add Canada onto the list of people following you! :D
My favorite color is blue and I like #1.
Fana Flora said…
Salam! Hye ;)

Before this, I used to be your silent reader since i dont have a blog. I found ur blog from the bloglist listed in hatim's blog.

My fav colour is black and of course i'll choose #1.


all the best in ur exam and do take care ;)
Khadija Haroon said…
WAHOOOO GIVEAWAY!!! I like all of them.

my Favorite color is purple and i love # 2.
Z said…
It's amazing how the web connects us all and makes the world seem a little bit smaller.
ashieBee said…
ahhhhhh i think i just missed the dateline, didnt i? boohooo :((

but hey, you are with your exams. well done. can write more and more and more now then hehehehe.

as your loyal, silent follower...i like the first one. black is elegant!

takecare and enjoy malaysia **hugs**
Chloe said…
love diva headbands! i have 3 favourite colours - pink, blue and yellow! and headband 1 is my fav.