Sisters Who Blog Awards 2010

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Does this remind you of yourself? Do you have a passion for blogging or do you find yourself addicted to the many awesome blogs out there that are written by Muslim women? Then check out the Sisters Who Blog 2010 Awards website so you can nominate and vote for your favourite blogs! This is a great initiative by the founders of Sisters Who Blog who want to encourage and inspire more Muslim women of all ages and nationalities to be apart of the blogosphere and share their interesting life experiences and interests with other women around the world.

Head on over there because they are giving actual awards to 52 bloggers, ya'll. In the words of Amber Misk (one of the founders of SWB),

"They deserve true appreciation, not merely in words but with something tangible".

How cool is that? Finally a real organisation that acknowledges the efforts of Muslim women bloggers! So don't forget to support this global initiative. It's as simple as joining the Sisters Who Blog network. For more information do visit their website