Malaccan Adventure Gone Wrong

Ola everyone. I just arrived home from Malacca 3 hours ago.

My family and I had fun... it was like we had a quick recap of the history of Malaysia. I should probably tell you that there are over 20 museums there! Obviously we didn't visit all of them but I learned enough to appreciate the struggles and victories of our forefathers. Malaysia was colonised for more than 500 years and we've come a long way since then ... or haven't we? I suppose that discussion itself requires an entire blog post dedicated to it. Overall, my family and I had a great trip!

Except for 1 little detail: I got sick.

Let's start from the beginning. This is what happened...

We visited the Stadthuy's Museum

Checked out artifacts - these are animal-shaped Chinese coins. Adorable!

Learned new facts about my ancestors

Explored the rest of the museum area


Ate lunch and drank a cup of coffee to wake me up because I'm still jetlagged

Went on a trishaw ride with blaring speakers. Gosh, I've only been back for 4 days and I've become tanned!


The humidity and heat got to me and I gave in to the temptation of having a chilled durian chendol (Malaysian dessert)

Strolled down Jonker Street and admired the beauty of old architectures


Did some retail therapy. I was feeling a little dizzy then but I figure it was because of the heat. I just came from a country that is experiencing winter at the moment so that's understandable right?

Went on a boat ride on the Malacca River that once played a significant role in trade activities in South East Asia.

That was when it all started. I felt tired, nauseous and I had a tummy ache. I don't get car sick or boat sick therefore again, I just thought it was the heat getting to me.

15 minutes after we got off the boat ride I started to feel really, really sick. Dear readers, I learned a great lesson during this trip.

coffee + durian chendol + boat ride = holiday disaster!

I was feeling crook all yesterday night and I can barely eat today. I'm still recovering from the disaster and honestly all I want to do is sleep right now. So before I bid you good night I'd like to announce the winners of the headband giveaway. I wish I could give one to everyone who entered the "competition" but *sigh*, I only have 3 as freebies!

Headband #1: Fana Flora
Headband #2: Aneesa
Headband #3: Ajjah

Congratulations lovelies! And to those who didn't manage to grab anything this time... don't fret, I'll have another giveaway soon, inshaAllah, so be sure to try again!

And now, I can finally say
good night, selamat malam and tusbeeh ala khair.


Aneesa said…
ThANK U so much for choosing me =)
InshaAllah you will feel better. Ive had my share of sickness while on holiday and it is not fun =(
Sickness aside, it looks like you had a wonderful holiday and got to spend it in good company =)
Z said…
Great pictures! haha I love the coins!
ajjah said…
get well soon dear.. and thank you so much for the giveaway :D
zahra said…
oh my i hope you feel better soon! the pictures are fabulous though. and i love the lilac scarf!

yep! i started it up ages ago but recently started to get my groove on just for all the womans stuff. hopefully its helpful :D.
Fana Flora said…
thank you sha..
get well soon ;)
Anonymous said…
Ooo this place looks cool! I will keep it in mind when we want to travel somewhere in Malaysia. I can't believe we are moving there in only 2.5 months!
washi said…
Wow I love your pics, thanks for sharing. I hope you feel better already...its not fun being sick esp on holiday. As my ancestors came from Malacca to South Africa in the late 17th century, I very much want to visit there one day insha'Allah.

Take care :)