Cafe Barbera

Last Saturday night I had dinner with 2 of my besties, Her Royal Highness and Miss Proud Duck. Oh and not forgetting HRH's lovely beau, Luke. This is one of the joys of being on holiday. I get to catch up with the people I love most and eat good food. We went to a cafe we've never been to before; Café Barbera in Bangsar. As soon as I stepped into the café I fell in love with its warm ambience and interior design. This bungalow-turned-café offers a cosy and private dining space for Italian food enthusiasts and their service is friendly and quick.

My lovelies. I heart you!


Cheesy prawn dip with toast. This was sooo good! Creamy yet not too cheesy. Definitely appetising.

Beef lasagna. It was tasty but a little more béchamel wouldn't have hurt. Or that's how I would've made it, at least.

Chocolate fondant with vanilla ice cream. A must for chocolate addicts. It's similar to that of a molten cake. It had warm, flowing chocolate inside. Perhaps a bit too sweet for my liking but still commendable.

Cappuccino Shakerato. Awesome name right? This place is known for its wide variety of coffee and this drink was not a disappointment.

I became such a fan of Café Barbera that I actually went there again for lunch on Sunday! This time I went with my family so I was able to take more photos and order more food LOL.






Italian meatballs. My family thoroughly enjoyed this; even my brother and he's very fussy when it comes to Italian food.

Beef pepperoni pizza. Another delightful goodie from this cafe. It had a crispy crust and delicious toppings.

Classic bolognaise. My brother said it was just 'okay' as he felt it lacked tomatoes. I told you he's fussy.

Smoked salmon fettuccine. I enjoyed it because firstly, I love salmon and secondly, I love cheesy, white sauce.

And what do we have here? Oh just me enjoying my meal =)

Napoli. Another coffee drink but "fancier" than the one I had the night before. Smooth, frothy and rich all in one.

Tiramisu. My sister said it was like a little piece of Italy. The mascarpone cheese was not too rich therefore the tiramisu was light yet satisfying and delicious. Plus, it's non-alcoholic.

Apple pie with vanilla ice cream. One of the best apple pies I've ever tried. Soft chunks of apple pieces complemented with bits of raisins and a hint of cinnamon.

My verdict? They have a good selection of pizzas, desserts and drinks. I wasn't exactly over the moon with their pasta but I would go there again without a doubt as it is a nice and pleasant place to hang out with some friends or even for a romantic dinner. If you want to avoid the typical restaurant environment I should mention that they have al fresco dining as well. Café Barbera also wins Muslim brownie points because they don't serve any alcohol whatsoever.

18, Lorong Maarof,
Bangsar, KL.
Open 7 days a week
9.30 am - 11 pm

03-2287 3628


Abrar said…
Masha'allah .. I bet you had so much fun ^.^
The picz are deadly :D especially the chocolate fondant ;)
the food looks amazing! My mouth is watering just looking at it... What I wouldnt give for a slice of that apple pie and chocolate ice cream, yum!
hatim a.r said…
its 11 pm and this post is making me hungreyyyhhh. T_T
Smart CoOKie said…
Yummy. My mouth is watering xD
Am soooo hungry looking @ pics of what you all ate!!
I like the ambiance of the restaurant too. Isn't it so nice to be back home with friends and family?
p.s. i like your new layout better :)
Proudduck said…
omg you went again?!!!! i would've sooo followed you!
Anonymous said…
everything looks YUMMYYYY, im a sucker fer italian food! my cousins has always raved abt Barbera but i never had the chance to actually go there. hows the pricing of the food if i may ask? :)
zahra said…
seriously. i think we need to eat a meal together. you keep featuring all of my favourite dishes in the world.
The food just looks amazing!Ive scrolled up and down like 16 times now! Do you always have to do this? :P
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Muahaha I love me some food-related blog posts =P

Dear Anon, the pricing is very reasonable:
It costs between RM 25-35 for a plate of pasta. Same for the pizzas (if I'm not mistaken) and between RM 7 - RM 15 for a drink. Oh and RM 10 more or less for a dessert.
ashieBee said…
hi sha :))

your new layout is niceee! *thumbs up* and hey, the food pornography is making me hungry!!!! hehehehe

shea said…
i love how u twist ur scarf around...would love it even more if u would share the tutorial! :)
i have a quite rounded shaped face..therefore im a bit insecure when pinning my scarf at the back like how u did urs(i presume?)...
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Thankie Ashie! =) Btw I can't help it.. I'm a foodie so I like to post pics of food hehe.

Shea, I've been thinking about doing tutorials cos I've been getting a few requests. They're mostly easy peasy styles but inshaAllah hun =)
areniz^16 said…
hello, im ur new follower. u already make me wanted to try this place. more n more food post next time teheee ^^v