Amina the Genius

Amina, my best friend is a traitor because she left Dunedin to study in Wellington this year. Yet I still love her (because I'm cool like that) and we indulge in daily conversations that have been reduced to cellphone-mediated chit chats. This is a text (or sms, if you're in Malaysia or the United States) conversation between Amina and I a few moments ago.

Me: I don't know why but these days I find it hard to concentrate on one thing for a long time. It's like my mind's everywhere, sorta.

Amina: I think it's cos we get so used to multi-tasking that we can't just focus on one thing anymore. I have the same problem.

Me: Yah! Totally... once I start focusing on one thing I get sleepy, maybe cos of boredom?

Amina: I don't think it's cos of boredom... I'd say it's more of us preferring some things over others. Sleep relaxes us whereas doing something as simple as reading notes reminds us of all the other chapter readings we gotta do and what other things (presumably more productive) we could be doing.

Me: You're right! It does remind us of all the other stuff we gotta do. Genius! Lol

Amina: Hehehe... I've obviously thought way too long about it.

I had a similar conversation with one of my classmates the other day. Notice how we can have multiple tabs on our Internet browser? How many do you have right now? I have 4. See? Multi-tasking is so ingrained in our daily lives that once we can't do it our system kind of malfunctions and we even feel disoriented.
*types this while I have a face-to face-chat with Lamya, reply Amina's latest text message and write a Politics essay*


Nevin said…
LOL so true!
When I study, I do so many things at once. I can't JUST study. I need to do something else. My mum thinks I'm craaaazzyy lol
ᖇᗩE said…
Hahaha - I couldn’t agree with you more! :)
Anonymous said…
lol i know what u mean!!!

I'll be listening to a uni lecture online or on the cell chitchating. While i'm folding clothes and i'll run to the stove every 5 minutes to check the pots of food im cooking..LOL ugh dangerous
-Amina said…
Haha... I love you too Shahirah!

And to add on our convo, i think technology (internet, t.v, radio...etc) is a major factor in our lack of concentration.

At the end of the day, we've created this problem, and it is our responsibility to change ourselves for the better.
Aisha said…
isn't it funny how when we're supposed to be doing something important [finishing essays, exam prep..u know, the boring stuff]we always manage to distract our selves with just a billion different things like the internet, phone, music etc. and when theres nothing on...we don't really wnat to use much energy in doing ANY of those things!?
thats so true!
Never really thought of it like that, we have strange heads huh.
Loved the way Amina explained that, that too over texts! Genius! :D
haidan said…
hi shahirah, i rarely leave a comment to any blogs that i've read.
anyway, i love your writings. so, keep on writing. and, i started to miss new zealand when i read your blog. :(
i went there 3 years ago, and insyaAllah will go there again this summer. oh, i was bumped into your blog from stylecovered. hehee
so, Hi!