Wednesday Woes

It hasn't stopped raining cats and dogs since yesterday morning. I mean, literally. Hardly a pause and I know because I was up studying until 4 am last night.

I woke up at 7.45 am just to get a good spot in the overpopulated Central Library only to have a guy with smelly socks and an annoying habit of talking to himself while studying sit right in front of me at one of those 2-persons per table kind of table (get what I mean?). OMG.
(Oh yay he left... * a few moments later* Oh no, he's back... with steaming hot instant noodles! Okay at least the smell of his socks is gone.)

I have a Politics test in 2 hours.

I'm really hungry thanks to the smell of instant noodles coming from opposite me.

What are your Wednesday Woes, if any?


Aisha said…

if im at work on a wednesday, then my only woe id getting through a gigantic stock delivery. signing it in, unpacking it, checking quantities, stickering prices bla bla bla; all by myself!

otherwise im a lady of leisure :S lol
Aisha said…
p.s LOL @ the noodles guy, bad times haha

all the best with ur exams!!