Top 6 American Idol 2010: Michael Lynche

I've always been such a huge fan of Shania Twain and her songs but Michael Lynche took this song to another level and completely took my breath away during this performance. He's right, this song does show strength and vulnerability at the same time. And that's absolutely beautiful.

The studio version's out and it's available for download here.

P.S. As usual, Simon tries to make a smart comment but he ends up being so funny! "What does 'wet' mean?". "Well it's the opposite of dry!"


yana hashim said…
I'm a huge fan of Shania too.. To be honest, I couldn't really look at Big Mike when he sings.. I guess I'm agree with Simon fro what ever he said about BIg MIke...He has amzing voice rite? but his face is too cheezy...atleast 4 me.. lol

Btw, I love You've got a way singing by arron kelly for Shania week..
Mustika Sari said…
Sha, I really love Lynche's version of It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing! It's beautiful :)
DiabMan said…
I actually like Siobhan Magnus.... she is amazing!!
DiabMan said…
oh n ya i knw she got kicked out :D... bt she should have been the one... and she is cute too!
Shahirah Elaiza said…
yana hashim: Awww Big Mike is like a big teddy! And he sure can sing =D Aaron's alright... he's still young and has potential to grow as a person and singer.

Mustika Sari Sayuti: It is ya? I like emotional songs lol.

DiabMan: Admit it, you just like her cos you think she's cute!
DiabMan said…
ALRIGHT... yes true I like her cos she is cute, but her voice is a bonus... plus she is a talented artist with crafts: which is a turn on :D

There you go.. you got my confession :D