Just a Thought Before I Shut My Eyes

I often hear about people trying to change the world. 
They think big, dream big. 

Not that there's anything wrong with having dreams and ambitions. 

But it's not often I hear people say that they want to change for the better. As in start the change from within. The quest to conquer oneself is just as important as the quest to change people's lives.

Don't you think so?


Fairuz Izman said…
HAH! You're absolutely right!
I used to be like that too. I didnt know what I wanted to do with my life...so basically, then I wanted to travel and make a difference in the world, especially in third world countries. Now when I think about it, if I couldn't help myself back then, how am I going to make a difference in THEIR world? Thats why now it's not so much my dream now, but its something I'd love to achieve later on. So for now, I'm just starting small...focusing on the most important thing first, and see where it goes from there. :)
You're right!
I think it all actually starts from within, if you think about it. Nice thought.
Sleep well! :)
Anonymous said…
definitely, definitely true. now have a good sleep sweetie!
Anonymous said…
I think they are both valid human experiences, and you cannot have one without the other. One cannot change the world if they have not changed themselves first.

I think I heard somewhere, if you want to change the world, change yourself. It's so true and also attainable. If you want the world to be good, be a good person yourself. That makes a tangible difference.
Aisha said…
I sooo agree with ur post and the above comments =)