Fashion Friday: Smart Casual

Oh dear another late Fashion Friday. As usual I had a full-on Friday yesterday. Perhaps I should start calling it Fashion Saturday! But better late than never, I guess =)

This week's FF is all about the smart casual look and how to be stylish at the work place or university. The number one factor in your list should be comfort. If you're going to spend 8 hours wearing an outfit you should at least feel comfortable. Here are some rules to help you feel and look good in a formal situation.

1. Avoid very tight or sexually provocative clothes. They can limit your movement and when you're at work or university you usually have something important to attend to e.g. presentation. The last thing you want to worry about is if your button is going to pop out of its place. Clothes look so much better when you're not bursting out of them.

Loose and Layered
Loose and Layered by shaelaiza featuring Stella McCartney dresses

Personal tip: Even if you have a great figure I still think you should stick by this because this isn't the time for you to flaunt your curves regardless of whether you wear hijab or not. It's very hard for lecturers, colleagues or bosses to take you seriously when you look sexually appealing. Modesty is the way to go.

2. Keep the outfit simple but wear matching statement accessories.

Making a Statement
Making a Statement by shaelaiza featuring Kenneth Jay Lane jewelry

Personal tip: Buy accessories that are neutral in colour - brown, black, white, silver. These colours can match a variety of outfits and you will save time in the morning when deciding what to wear.

3. Wear colours that makes you feel comfortable and confident. You could start by choosing one which suits your skin tone fabulously then build your outfit based on it. For many women, black and neutrals are what they feel most comfortable in.

Comfort Colours
Comfort Colours by shaelaiza featuring Miu Miu dresses

Personal tip: I personally love the colour red because it signifies passion however if you have a business presentation, wear blue because it has always been known as a corporate color. Light blue is soothing whereas darker blue is associated with intelligence and stability. (Colour Meanings)

4. Wear reasonable heels.Shoes can make or break your day. If you can wear flats that would be even better but I know how heels are just too fabulous to resist sometimes...

Made for Walkin'
Made for Walkin' by shaelaiza featuring Carvela shoes

Personal tip: Shoes with wide heels provide more comfort. Trust me when I say they make a world of a difference!

5. Use minimum make-up. Stick to neutrals and earthy tones. If you're in a daring mood slide on some red lipstick but only if you're wearing minimum eye make up!

Face it, Be Natural
Face it, Be Natural by shaelaiza on

Personal tip: Instead of using the usual black eyeliner use a brown or navy eyeliner for a less intense day-time look. Check out MakeUp Adikt's tutorials for great ideas and tips!

6. Accessorise with pearls. They have a way of adding instant elegance to an outfit.

Pearly Whites
Pearly Whites by shaelaiza featuring Chanel jewelry

Personal tip: Don't go overboard with the pearls. I'd wear a pearl necklace with either a pair of matching pearl earrings, bracelet or ring but not all at the same time.

7. Have a trusty blazer handy.

Trust Blazer
Trust Blazer by shaelaiza featuring Echo accessories

Personal tip: A 'Casual Friday' doesn't mean you can simply forget that you're going to work. To make your casual clothes look more appropriate for the office you can try wearing a blazer on top of your shirt. The best part is that it doesn't even have to be black in colour.

8. Pick a simple hijab style that is hassle-free and easy to fix.


Personal tip: Amenakin is a lifesaver when it comes to hijabs. I totally recommend her tutorials. She's gorgeous, funny and creative, mashaAllah.


Wow, absolutely loved this post! Amazing clothes...really wanna go shopping right now :D you have great taste!
Shahirah Elaiza said…
cairo, lusaka, amsterdam : Thank you hun. That post made me wanna go shopping too!
Anonymous said…
hi.. i'm ur new fan:) can u plis give me any idea for annual dinner.. theme colors;black n gold.. and my body is a little bit bigger than u.. haha.. thanks..