Dunedin Exposé

I haven't really written much about the city I live in. I could go on and on about what a quaint and peaceful little city Dunedin is but I can't ignore the fact that it has a naughty reputation. Yes, Dunedin is famous for its notorious students and the crazy antiques they get up to - the couch burnings and the riots. I remember a conversation I had a with an Auckland University student last year while I spent my winter break there.

Auckland Uni student: So you're studying at Otago Uni ey? I was thinking of going there before.
Me: Oh okay. Why'd you choose Auckland Uni in the end?
Auckland Uni student: Oh I have some mates over there and they told me about all the parties you guys have down there! Like every weekend there are parties everywhere and everyone gets drunk and start setting stuff on fire. And I want to study Medicine so I don't want the distraction.
Me: *laughs* Well, yeah but you don't have to go if you don't want to. But isn't it the same anywhere?
Auckland Uni student: Nah, we don't have as many cool events like the Toga Parade and the Annual Hyde St. Keg Party.
Me: Oh wow, really? I just assumed every Uni city would be the same!

Apparently, I was wrong ya'll.

By the way, it was last year's Toga Parade that changed everything. Dunedin was even featured in the news back in Malaysia! Yes, tiny Dunedin with approximately 120,000 residents made it to the international news. The Annual Toga Parade got so out of hand that it's now banned. Relatives even started asking my Mum how she could ever let me study in such a place.

Honestly, it's not always like this. When the media highlights certain events I guess the audience makes generalisations about places and people. We forget that a lot of the news that we see on television or the Internet are being sensationalised because whether you believe it or not most people are drawn to exaggerations. Thus the media will frame it in such a way that makes people go OMG.

To those who don't know much about Dunedin or where it is to begin with, there is definitely a very pretty side to this city. Plus, there are plenty of other ways to have fun here.



-Amina said…
Honestly, all this negative media coverage hasn't done Dunedin good. I mean, yes the students there tend to over-do everything (some), but what do you expect when you put so many thousands of kids who finally got to escape the confinements of home and their parents. I'm sure every campus has got it's share of rebellious, mischievous and not caring students, but we don't get to see that in world news.

I think instead of focusing on the negatives, and over exaggerating them, media stations and persons need to look at what causes this blatant disregard for authority and think of ways to tackle it.

I understand it's their job, but it's unfair on those students who are at Otago to gain a world-class education, and enjoy this part of their lives in a civil manner.