One Confirmed Seat to NZ Coming Up!

I finally have a confirmed seat for my flight back to New Zealand, alhamdulillah. I'll miss the first week of lectures so hopefully I won't miss too much! From today onwards I'm making sure that I spend the remaining of my holiday wisely. I'm going to be busier than ever as this is my final year at varsity. Honestly, I've actually delayed my graduation date for as much as I can because I love being a varsity student and New Zealand has become so much more than a place for me to study. I've done most of my 'growing up' over there and met some of the most inspiring people too.

I don't know how I'll ever choose between Malaysia and New Zealand. There are times I feel out of place in Malaysia and then there I times I feel I don't really belong in New Zealand.

Have you ever felt like you don't really know where home is? Like your heart is neither here nor there? I have 8 months to decide. Until then I'm going to take in and enjoy every single moment.

For those who don't know... I live in South Island, New Zealand in a university city called Dunedin. Here are some aerial shots of Dunedin I took when I had the opportunity to fly a helicopter (with a pilot next to me of course!). See how gorgeous it is... on a SUNNY DAY that is! Dunedin is known for its temperamental climate and it's not uncommon for us to have 4 seasons in 1 day.

I live 10 minutes away from the beach. We even have seagulls on campus because we're so close to the sea!


Sheep! I think I've heard way too many NZ sheep jokes.

Dunedin city and the Peninsular


Anonymous said…
Dear Shahirah :o),

first of all,thanks for showing us pictures of New Zeland.It's definitely a country I don't know much about.It really must be so exciting to live there :)!
You know,I understand exactly what you mean when you say that you don't know how to choose between Malaysia and New Zeland.It's the same for me regarding Slovenia and Italy.I'm a bit scared of that moment!Thus I enjoy it in Italy as much as I can.You know the city where I study in Italy is also on the coast and it's quite common to see seagulls flying around.
I wish you all good sweety and I send you a hug :)...

Maryam said…
ever since i've found out Lord of the Rings was filmed in NZ, I've been wanting to go.

Heard that the landscape is beautiful.

what are you studying?

have a safe trip sis!
Bliss said…
The view is breath-taking!!!
Oh i would love to visit New Zealand one day! It's on my list :D
Texan after UAE said…
May Allah give you what's best ameen
Ohhhhh NZ is gorgeous! masha'a'Allah. I really love the accents. LOL I had that problem with calling, "Texas" my home! But, finally dawned on me, uae is my home and i'll be living here the rest of my life. I think it's hard to just say, oh texas is the place i'll visit, when i have so many fond memories there. But, uae is a place i'm making my new memories. I'm sure you will do the same. :)))
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Jasmina: Hi hun! It's quite a dilemma isn't it? I guess home is wherever our families are. Hugs right back atcha =)

Maryam: Yeah thanks to LOTR people know NZ is an actual country lol. I'm majoring in Communication Studies and minoring in Politics and Marketing.

Bliss: Hiya! Welcome to my blog =) Yes, you should definitely make a trip to NZ someday. The scenery in South Island is especially breathtaking.

Texan in UAE: The entire time I've been back in Malaysia y'know what I really missed about NZ? The Kiwi accent! lol. NZ is my 2nd home... so I'm definitely looking forward to going back =D
BuLaN said…
i miss Dunedin :( love the tip top ice cream..the hokey pokey flavour