I was tagged by the lovely Sarah Elizabeth to write any 7 random things about myself. I am just so horrible at this honestly. I dread this question - "So tell me something about yourself" - because I don't know where to begin and I end up saying really typical things. I meant to do this earlier but I've been busy playing with my adorable almost 3 month old niece and doing something I really, really missed - cooking and baking. I've been going in and out of the house during most of my holiday and by the time I'm back at home I'm too tired to even turn on the stove. I should be flying off to NZ in 2 weeks or so, actually I'm not even sure yet because I cancelled my 4th February ticket and now I'm just on a waiting list for any date after the 18th. Anyway, here goes... 7 random blurbs!

1. My middle name, Elaiza, was chosen by my late father because he thought it sounded regal (e.g. Queen Elizabeth).

2. I've never seen or read Twilight and New Moon and I probably never will unless my life is at stake or something.

3. I'm very, very attached to my Mum. My life would be so incomplete without her in it. The thought of losing her never fails to make me cry and that's a big deal because I don't cry easily, not at all.

4. I don't drive and I don't have a driver's license. I started taking lessons but somehow I lost interest and let's just say I wasn't a big fan of the driving instructor either. I have a huge fear of getting into a car crash therefore at this point in my life, I'm okay with not driving. Eventually I'll get my license... I plan to do it right after I graduate.

5. I'm going for a traditional full body massage tomorrow! Really, really excited about it.

6. I believe in falling IN LOVE after marriage, always have and always will. I think loving someone and being in love with them are 2 different things.

7. Someone once asked me why am I pursuing tertiary education at a university. I didn't even think about it when these words slipped out of my mouth, "Because I want to be an educated mother." (It sounds kinda weird right? I mean, who says that? Well, at least I was being honest) Yes I'm also studying because I want a good career but I love children and I can see myself having them someday, inshaAllah. When that day comes I want to know that I am somewhat prepared for the most important role I'll ever have in my life. However, I do believe education is important no matter what one chooses to do in life... it's important to understand how the world works to a certain extent. I personally think it's important to read scholarly books, meet people from all walks of life and experience different cultures in order to live and love life to the fullest... and to basically understand who you are as an individual.

So there you go. 7 things. I tag anyone who feels like doing it. Adios amigos!


How was the massage?? :D
Oh I like this.
I totally agree with you on number seven, education is very important, like they say if you educate a girl you educate a nation :)
Anonymous said…
I like your last thought.. I think educated mommy's are able to give the most to their families.. I kinda have given that answer too, as I have said I want to get my masters degree, and then have kids =)~
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Cairo, Lusaka, Amsterdam: It was amazing! As the lady massaged my head she told me that I think too much... hmm, can't say that's the first time I heard it lol.

Smiley: Thanks! That's very true because mothers are usually the ones who spend the most time with their children. The knowledge they have gets passed on... it's a cycle.

Sarah: You know just how to make me feel like a normal person =) I was a bit worried if that last one would make me sound a little far-fetched.
Anonymous said…
I read a few days ago your response to the "7 things tag" and I liked it very much.Most of all I found it so nice and highly intelligent that you're studying about children's education not just because of a possible work in the future,but because you want to be an educated mother.That's very mature and inspirational,too.
Mwah my dear :o)!