Dude, We Baked!

I wanted to have a girls’ day in and was lucky enough to have girlfriends who obliged. (Sigh, what would I do without my besties?). I really wanted to spend some quality time with them so I suggested that maybe we could bake something on Tuesday. Vivy had her mind set on the red velvet cupcakes in some so-called Hummingbird recipe book. It didn’t help that she couldn’t find it and finally re-called that the last time she saw it was probably in her apartment in London. Her solution? Buy another Hummingbird recipe book.

So we waited for Hanaa to arrive and then set off to Bangsar Village to find the book (for all those living offshore, it's not an actual village, it's a mall!). On the way there we felt kind of hungry so of course I had to suggest Papparich. Neither Hanaa nor Vivy had been there before so I felt it was my duty to introduce them to one of my favourite food spots. Their chicken rice is the shiznit and I like their tau fu fa (soy bean custard). We met up with some of Vivy's friends, Ian and TC, who graciously decided to treat us for lunch (thank you boys!). It's so awesome that people are extra generous during celebrations =)

Lunch @ Papparich, Bangsar

Us being ... us. Our cameras are surgically attached to us, I swear.

Papparich's tau fu fa (soybean custard)

Papparich's chicken rice

After our tummies were filled this is what we did...

Bought some random recipe book because we couldn't find this one

Picked a recipe

Chocolate swirl

Almost all set for the oven

End result: One double chocolate brownie tart sans the walnuts. Crispy on the top, fudgy in the middle.
Our verdict: The best brownie the world could ever taste!
Hanaa's reaction: Dude, I baked!!!
The experience: Priceless.

Note: Some pictures are courtesy of Miss Proudduck. Thank you!


Texan after UAE said…
Awww cute!!! Y'all remind me of my friends. We love doing things like this. come visit my blog! I'll be following yours... Love from UAE! masalama! sis
Wow, this post made me REALLY hungry!
Great pics :D
Sara said…
i miss msian food, pls! :(
zahra said…
that looks too fabulous! how much joy does baking bring... when your alone i find it frustrating unless everythings going perfect but with friends, even if its a disaster its always good times!
LS said…
That looks sooooo fun! And those brownies, oh my *droool* if you do get your hands on the hummingbird bakery book though, I seriously do suggest that you try out some of the recipes in it, they're absolutely great! keep up the great posts!
Oh gosh!
the chocolate swirl image looks like heaven! *dies*
A girls day is always great.
You guys look cute in your winning smiles image, stay smiling!
Fun! Cooking w/ friends is awesome :D
Ya'll are very cute & fashionable too!!
OmAbdullah said…
cuuuute blog! Love your cute writing style !

And that brownie looks delish!!!
Anonymous said…
Salam Shahirah :o),
I so enjoyed reading this and the previous post.
This one made me so miss my besties and the previous one made me so thoughtful...a man of 126 years???Really???Incredible :)!
Plus,you look so nice in that white veil =).
Kisses your way my dear :)!
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Thanks for all your comments ladies! =) Nothing like spending some time with the girls to escape our busy and hectic lives.

Fatima, I found some recipes from the Hummingbird book online. They look really delish! I'll try and get my hands on them.