Navy Blue Eyeliner

If there's one make up item I don't leave home without,  it has to be the black eyeliner or kohl. It brings out my dark brown eyes in an instant! But lately I've discovered that if I wanted a less intense look, navy blue is an excellent alternative.

It's a sophisticated colour compared to the other colourful eyeliners you can find in stores. It's pretty funky yet not too 'out there'. This mysterious shade of blue also brightens up the eyes, I mean, who can say no to that? Just when you think it can't get any better here's another piece of good news... I think the navy eyeliner suits all (if not most) skin tones and eye colours! Especially those who want to bring out their gorgeous blue eyes.

Audrina Patridge looks sexy yet demure with a hint of navy blue on her lower lash line

A mysterious Priyanka Chopra with smokey eyes that are heavily lined with navy blue

Some dark/navy blue eyeliner tips:
* Wear either on the upper or lower lash line only to avoid looking like you've stepped out from the 80s (unless that is the look you're going for). To balance out the eyes, use black eyeliner on whichever lash line you chose not to apply the blue eyeliner.
* Smudge it on the lower lash line to complement dark, smokey eyes.
* If you've got shimmery brown or neutral eyeshadow on and you want to vamp it up a bit without looking too harsh, this is the perfect opportunity to slide some on your lower lash line.
* Match it with natural coloured lips - nudes, light pinks - to ensure the focus is on your eyes.

If you're wondering whether I've forgotten all about dark brown eyeliner as an alternative to the black eyeliner - I haven't. All those opting for a natural and girl-next-door look should give dark brown a go. Unfortunately, I don't think it suits people with very dark skin tone so that's why I chose to feature the navy blue eyeliner. It's definitely more flexible as I think it can look great on anyone. Depending on how you apply it of course. If you don't already have a navy blue eyeliner in your make up collection I strongly recommend you get one! This colour is great for winter, spring and summer.


Aneesa said…
soooo pretty... definitely will give it a try. thanks!!!!
Maryam said…
Niiiice! You look great.

My favorite color eyeliner is navy blue from Sephora. When I get brave enough, I'll try some other colors. aha
Anonymous said…
I wear Black Denim Kohl eyeliner, which is a dark dark navy blue. My favorite!!!! I heart kohl
Rachel said…
Ooo very interesting and pretty! I too, cannot leave the house without black eyeliner. I've been too afraid to try any other color though! I also have dark features, so I might have to go grab some now.

Thanks for stopping by and following my blog! I can't wait to get to know you through yours :)
Anonymous said…
Salam Shahirah :),
this looks so nice!Really special.I've never thought of blue eyeliner,because of my green eyes.Yet now you made me curious and I think I'll try it.
I'm glad you posted a picture of Audrina,because I like her style.
You're such a beautiful young lady!
Texan Teen said…
oooo I love it! you look wonderful!
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Aneesa: Thanks Anees =) Trust me, it's worth a try!

Maryam: Hi hun!! Where ya been? Missed you. Glad you discovered it earlier than I did. Such a beautiful colour.

Sarah: Ooh the Black Denim Kohl eyeliner sounds intriguing. I don't think we have them in M'sia or NZ though.

Rachel: Hi hun! Thanks for stopping by. Love your blog... especially when you write about your kids.

Jasmina: Wassalam! Thank you sweetie. Yesss please do try it. I love how it's so close to black but not quite =)

Texan Teen: Hiya! Thanks! Nice to see you here on my blog btw =)
Ive never used navy blue, its always black for me, but this looks really nice so ima try it out. Thankyouu
MashAllah you look so pretty! :D
Maryam said…
aww thanks :)

just been a little busy with school; nursing school is right around the corner so i have to work my butt off.
Anonymous said…
No probably you do have it.. It is from Clinique!
Texan after UAE said…
masha'a'Allah! just gorgeous! I love that blue on you. :)
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Smiley: Let me know how it goes hun =)

Maryam: Hope everything is going well for you and that you're enjoying your classes, inshaAllah!

Sarah: Oh yup we do have Clinique!

Texan in the UAE: Thank you! Change can be a good thing ;)
I too love kohl and eyeliner. I usually just wear it around the house or if I am going to a party. My eyes are blue so I have found that blue eyeliner doesnt suit me very well. I prefer a plum color or brown which really makes my eye color pop out! I started buying organic eyeliners because I found regular eyeliners to be too harsh for my eyes.
Nice pics by the way, looks very nice.