Maulidur Rasul 2010

Today Malaysia is celebrating Maulidur Rasul in remembrance of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. In other words, another public holiday for everyone in Malaysia! =D

But on a serious note, it'll be a day for us to reflect upon why Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him is an important figure in Islam. I knew about him being the Last Messenger and Prophet of Islam and that he possessed an extremely admirable persona and many wonderful traits but I used to wonder... how can I admire and appreciate someone I've never met? Then one day I came across an article and it's as simple as this: he made great sacrifices in order to spread the message of Islam around the world.

He persevered through hatred, disbelief and violence to make sure that people would learn about Islam and the Oneness of Allah swt. He did it for his family, companions, friends, acquaintances and even for people he didn't know. He did it for you and I.

Honestly, how many people in your life today would sacrifice some of their free time in order to do something that would benefit you? How about money, comfort and luxury? I think you'll find yourself saying, "Not many." A lot of people are so caught up with the 'Me, me me!' mentality and few people help others out of pure sincerity.

Therefore Maulidur Rasul is a day when we take sometime to celebrate and appreciate his devotion and the sacrifices he has made for Islam and for us. The least we can do is recite praises for Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and hope that Allah swt accepts our efforts and good deeds.

I'd like to wish everyone a happy and blessed Maulidur Rasul! Get to know your Prophet peace be upon him so that you may get to know the real meaning of Islam and 'taste' its sweetness.

Cat Stevens a.k.a. Yusuf Islam performs Taleal Badru Alayna


Anonymous said…
Selamat Maulidur Rasul!

BTW, did you turn your blog private? I am wondering because I have you on my blogroll, and it no longer updates to your latest posts. It is still showing your "Dude, We Baked" post as the most recent..

Just wondering because I know another girl who went private and my blogroll stopped updating.
Shahirah Elaiza said…
That's strange.. I didn't make it private. I'm not sure why it isn't updating! Hmm... I'll have a look now. Thanks for letting me know hun =)