Faith Friday: One of Many Favourite Dua's

I have been busy lately so I haven't been able to blog like I usually do but it's Friday and I wanted to share one of my favourite dua's from the Holy Qur'an - verses 191 - 194 of Surah Ali-Imran. Incidentally, I've noticed that Imams like to recite this dua after the Friday prayer khutba so it must be significant one way or another.

What I like most about the last few verses of Chapter Ali-Imran is that it reminds us everything which exists today has a purpose, everything in the Universe, everything on Earth. It is also a reminder that everything happens for a very good reason. He is the Best Helper and Protector and Allah's Wisdom encompasses everything in the Heavens and the Earth. At the end of the day, He has promised Paradise for those who do good, inshaAllah

I also like how the verses tell us the way to purify our intentions and deeds, and hopefully achieve Paradise, is through being God-conscious. Our remembrance of Him should not be limited to salah (prayer) and dhikr but ideally, it should be integrated in everything that we do (standing, sitting, lying down) from how we treat our loved ones, neighbours and colleagues, etc. to our spending habits. In other words, there is no limit to how one can worship God and one of the best ways is to always remember Him no matter when and where. 

Narrated 'Aisha: The Prophet was asked, "What deeds are loved most by Allah?" He said, "The most regular constant deeds even though they may be few." He added, 'Don't take upon yourselves, except the deeds which are within your ability." {Sahih Bukhari}

Jumaah Mubarak everyone and have a wonderful weekend! 


~Eda Cupcakes~ said…
Assalamualaikum Sha. Your writing is inspiring and you are matured beyond your age. Keep it up and may Allah blesses you. BTW I love that Quran. Where can I purchase the english version of Quran like yours?
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Eda Cupcakes, wa alaykummusalam! JazakAllah khair for that kind comment. I love this Qur'an too. Great for reading the Qur'an with tajweed and I prefer the Yusuf Ali translation. I bought it Madinah so I'm not sure where you can get it in other parts of the world. But I found it online:

It was published by the Aliman Establishment (Lebanon).
ashieBee said…
salam sha :))

thanks for sharing the Quran link. loving it!
Anonymous said…
Salam Sha,

I was wondering where you get that Quran in the pic. I am looking for a suitable Quran with translation for ages and the one in your pic seems attract my attention.
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Your welcome Ashie Bee!

Anon, your question was answered in my previous response =)
: Assalammualaikum... kak sha, i'm balqis. i just wanna ask you something. recently, i have been read your oldest post and i saw few pictures of yours which you were free hair. i was wondering what make you realize and move to the bright path till you are such a good great muslimah now? i'm so sorry if this question hurts you yet, i insist to know that. thank you.
Misha iCan said…
Jzk for sharing this beautiful duaa, xxx