Obama on Osama

Osama's dead. Finally. 
Obama said, "Justice has been done."
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Is this what justice has come to?
Millions of people are dead in the name of God/freedom/democracy.
Livelihoods destroyed. Futures ripped apart and torn into pieces.
And the death of one man constitutes as justice?
I want answers. I want the truth out. I want the name of Islam cleared of all he has done.
But I guess that won't be happening now.
We'll have to wait for Allah's Court of Judgement.


SaLuff said…
I said this same thing on my facebook & got mixed responses. I'm the only one at first who wasn't celebrating the death of another human being so I had to say something. MILLIONS have died to find ONE person??? Doesn't seem right.
Ayuni said…
I still can't believe it!
Exactly my thoughts when I read the news!
I do hope people come to their senses and realise what the meaning of justice is.
Nubenegra said…
I hate this double morality. "Good wins evil". Really? If killing is bad is bad for all. Even in Spain, that is the very latest country on Europe, we do have it. We sold racine bombs to Libya but as it was before the global banning.... I do hate this. The world won't get better unless we change this attitude but I guess it's too hard to do it. Bin Laden has just been killed as soon as EEUU doesn't need him anymore. Salam aleykum.
-ilyannur- said…
i dont know betul atau x. tp ada yg ckp osama tu x wujud pun, just agenda iluminati nk buat kucar kacir dunia.
Aracy Flavia said…
well said! :)
ᖇᗩE said…
His death might be a victory for Americans but it doesn't mean terrorism nor Al Qaeda ends there..

I just hope it would bring world peace and that there would be no violent reactions anywhere.
Yunne Osman said…
something i found which made me thinking...

♥Soso♥ said…
Agree with Sluff's comment.. It's all too confusing..
agree with the last sentence in your post

so many questions unanswered, so much injustice. Allahu Alam.
Misha said…
I agree with you. I read a comment by the father of a 9/11 victim, and he said something along the lines of: "I will not celebrate his death because I am not the one to judge him, only God is."

I think it is so true, and it sums up what I feel. Sure, so many people have gotten closure, but it's a little silly to claim that "justice has been achieved" since it took so many years, millions of innocent deaths, wars, loss of money, time, and deteriorated the relation between Muslims/non in the west -- all which I don't think is equitable to the justice of killing one man.
Feda said…
I might be the oddball here but I am very happy and satisfied that this man was punished and killed. The war on terror and the punishment of Osama are two different issues to me. I especially find it strange that Muslims are quoting the "violence perpetuates violence" quote when Islam is clear on it's stance against those that kill innocent human beings. They can and often are put to death! Justice happened in the sense that a mass murderer was punished for a crime he commited!
Anonymous said…
I share your sentiment. Millions have died just for one guy. It certainly does not substantiate to his death.
So the next question should be whether his death is gonna put an end to the sufferings of the Iraqs, Afghans, Palestinians etc.
Oh Allah, please guide us with the truth.
Zarine Mohideen said…
Nothing is going to change now that he is dead.

And somehow I don't seem to believe it either.
Hijabs and Co said…
the West is at war against Islam :@
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Sluff: Something smells fishy doesn't it?

Ayuni: I think most people can't believe it.

Sorlisa: What can we expect from the American govt?

Nubenegra: Wa alaykummusalam. I agree, the moment he wasn't needed anymore he is killed. How convenient.

ilyannur: Ya, mungkin betul. Anything is possible these days!

Aracy Flavia: I think many, many people feel the same way. His alleged death doesn't bring closure except to those who are blinded by the "war on terrorism". The truth is we don't have answers but are left with more questions.

Bitten: What about the end of other forms of terrorism happening around the world? Thanks to American propaganda terrorism is now synonymous to Islamists and Muslim extremists and women who wear hijabs and niqabs.

Yunne: Hmmm... interesting indeed. Anything is possible really because we don't see his body as evidence. Buried at sea? Who on earth came up with that idea?!

soso: It is but it has been interesting to find out people's reactions.

hijabi hippie hypo: I've been looking at documentaries on wars for the last one week and I'm just shattered at the intensity of injustice that has been happening in the world since God's know when and it's all because of people and their desperation for power. It's.. just.. unbelievable..

Misha: The word justice is a dirty word now, isn't it?

Dilan Dilir: Just saying what I feel sis.

Feda: I think Osama deserves to be punished for all he has done but his death has only glorified the American government and it hasn't led to any answers whatsoever. Allahu3alam - only God knows best and He is the best Planner of all.

Anon: It's clear to me that true justice doesn't exist in this imperfect world of ours.

Zarine: I know right? Body thrown at sea?! Come on! I thought the US government would think people are smarter than that.

Hijabs & Co: I don't think the West, in general, is at war against Islam but it does feel that way sometimes doesn't it? Especially as you are in France - you would feel the heat of the hijab and niqab ban.
Anonymous said…
Osama bin Laden wasn't killed because the West "didn't need" him anymore. He was killed because he was responsible for the death of thousands of innocent people, non-Muslims and Muslims alike.

As for some of you feeling that the West is against Muslims, I think you are neglecting to acknowledge the fact that Western governments aren't fighting Muslims, they are fighting terrorists who happen to call themselves Muslims.

I often wonder where all the good Muslims are when your brothers are killing each other in suicide bombings. If you want the rest of the world to respect you, you need to let us know loud and clear that you do not agree with such actions. Otherwise, we have to assume your silence equals complicity.

I fully support France's ban on women covering their faces. There is simply no place for this practice in Western culture, just as there is no place for wearing tank tops in public in Islamic countries. If Muslims don't agree with Western culture, and are not willing to integrate into Western society, then what are they doing living in Western countries?
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Anon: Please read my reply to your comment here: http://www.blogger.com/comment.g?blogID=24333169&postID=8628000400917438579