Persians vs. Arabs

Now that I spend 90% of my time in the library the only way I entertain myself is through YouTube. I'm a fan of stand up comedy and my friend told me to check out Maz Jobrani today. He's hilarious! Ever wondered how to know the difference between Persians and Arabs? Jobrani tells us how.



SaLuff said…
This was sooo funny! Much needed hehe
Elisa said…
OMG Thanks for posting this!! I was cracking up laughing! Now I will have to find more of his acts on youtube!!! LoL
Aracy Flavia said…
this is very funny!! it made my day :)
Anonymous said…
I saw this on facebook, it's hilarious!
And you posted this again, still cracks me :D :D
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Sluff, I watched it when I really needed it too! lol. Hope your finals went well =)

Elisa, your welcome! There's a funny one called Buddhist Terrorist lol. Check it out.

Aracy Flavia, glad it made your day =)

rialive, Maz even LOOKS funny hehe.
Maz Jobrani is brilliant!! Better yet he is a Muslim ;)
on345667755 said…
lol thats so funny "persian like the cat meow"
thanx 4 posting