HFW MAY 2011 {Day 3: Work Out Wear}

This photo is pretty much self-explanatory, innit?

Whether you're playing sports or working out in the gym... the Islamic etiquette of dressing doesn't go out the window. It can be quite a dilemma. I would prefer to go to a female-only gym or do yoga at home so I can wear what's most comfortable and appropriate for physical activity but a good run in the outdoors is a nice change. 

Before I started wearing hijab... I would wear tight clothes (e.g. sleeveless top or t-shirt and leggings) to a unisex gym so I'm happy that wearing the hijab has changed all that. I think when a Muslimah has to choose what to wear when she exercises is one of those defining moments for her - will she still protect her modesty or compromise it for the sake of a few moments of comfort in dunya (as tempting as that can be for all of us)? I think I would choose the middle path. 

Work out wear should... allow you to have fun, move freely and give you good ventilation. Which is why I love this Capsters aerobics hijab! No, I'm not saying that because I was sent one by Capsters for review purposes. I actually really, really like it because it has solved a major problem for me. 

Let's face it ladies... wearing hijab during exercise is no one's first choice but if your faith means a lot to you then the Capsters range of sports hijabs provides a very good solution because there's no need for a scarf inner to prevent hair from coming out in the front and it helps to cool you down as well due to the small openings on both sides of the hijab which aren't obvious and still ensure coverage of the neck. InshaAllah, I'll do a proper and extensive review once this semester ends (which is soon, yay!). 

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Anonymous said…
I really want some capsters now!!
"Tempting me"

Love your awesome pose!

R S said…
I've never been a hijabi (temporarily was in primary school due to dress code) but I'd never wear skin tight stuff to the gym. My goodness, me working out looks horrible enough but in tight clothes?? oh dear.... it'd be a horrible sight. hahaha! =D
aishah amin said…
You look so cute Sha!:)
Anonymous said…
You look so pretty :)!!!
on345667755 said…
that shirt is just adorable
Hannah Muminah said…
salam sis
you look so cute in those Tee and your pose
love it <3
Laila said…
Oh! I adore the capster Aerobics, is so beautiful! and as you said I prefer going to a female-only gym,:D

YazmiinAktar said…
this capster looks much more nicer than the ones i've seen other sisters wear =/ haha.
and love the top sister!

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