Hijabi Fashion Week {May - June 2011}

Assalamualaykum lovelies, 
Some of you may have noticed that I haven't been posting Style Sunday for a while. 
Well's that's because...
 I will be participating in Hijabi Fashion Week!

I'm super duper excited because
a) I love fashion
b) I have something else to look forward to aside from assignment due dates
c) This is my first time taking part in HFW
d) My fave girls from the blogging world will be joining in too!

Please go to the official HFW website for more details.
Also, don't forget to click 'Attend' on their Facebook event page.

xox, Sha


Dylana Suarez said…
Looks lovely!


Excitement! Eee!
looking forward to your posts!
Anonymous said…
I love to see someone who is very passionate to something, that's amazing =)

And I do think yours is one of the coolest blog I know, that's why I'm awarding you with Butterfly Award.
I don't know if you received it or not yet, but receiving it many times will be cooler :D
So if you have time,please check,

Have fun! wa salam