Sweet Farewell

To bid my girls a sweet farewell I had a lunch date with The Scarflets and Hana Tajima a few days before I left Malaysia. In fact, it was the day after I attended Maher Zain's concert. Talk about a star-filled weekend! After Hana's très lovely tea party all of us wanted to chill out with her again and we invited her right hand woman, Puteri (Yuna's cousin), to join us. 

What do you get when you put 20 women together? Well, why don't you see for yourself! 

Say hello to Hana Tajima, Puteri, Shea, Emmy, Ami Schaheera, Aimie Bahirah, Farah Mislina, Farah Ilyana, Farah (btw, all 3 Farah's are sisters), Zafirah Hanis, Nurul and Jezmine. Phewh! 

Top: Japanese Soba with Soft Shell Crab - yummeh!
Centre: More yummeh food!
Bottom: Alexis' famous pavlova smothered with whipped cream and topped with fresh blueberries and strawberries

With my beautiful girls (top left to bottom): Hana Tajima, Ami Schaheera, Aimie Bahirah, Lyna, Adriani, Farah Ilyana, Fatin Alwani

A close-up look at the outfit of our shining star, Hana
I don't know how she does it but she always looks good mashaAllah!

Check out everyone's styles! Allow me to introduce Nanie, Wanie, 
Aishah Amin (the lookbook superstar is now a blogger!) and Eyqa this time.

Sue Anna Joe and baby Luqman came a bit late but they made it in the end and that's all that matters.

The sweetest woman ever, Yunne, and Hana
Then there was Cik Epal, fashion photographer Mr Garbagelapsap himself and his friend, Johan, who came by to take photos of some of the girls (have a look at the photos), Aishah Amin and her sister, Fatimah, and last but not least, Maria!

All in all, it was a wonderfully girly and glamorous day! And meeting Hana Tajima again was of course the cherry on top of the ice cream but all the ladies who came that day are beautiful in their little and not so little ways. I love our meet ups because it's fascinating to get to know these otherwise virtual people with more depth. All of us can somehow connect to each other despite how different we are. I guess that's the power of hijab, fashion and Islam all thrown in together. Truth be told I miss my Scarflet sisters dearly and alhamdulillah we do keep in touch frequently. 

Until my next holiday in Malaysia I won't be seeing these ladies for a while. By then some of them will be married, inshaAllah. Oh how exciting! Anyhoo, this post literally took half a day for me to finish because of all the editing so think of it as an early Style Sunday okay? Adios amigos!

{some photos are courtesy of Ami Schaheera and Garbagelapsap}


Chloe said…
You look like you had such a wonderful time. You girls all have such awesome style!! :D
Mona Zenhom said…
Everyone looks so stylish! Your dress is gorgeous as are you, mashaAllah.
Unknown said…
rindu! <3
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Chloe: We did. We had a really good time =) I'll never forget these memories.

Mona Z: Aww thank you Mona! I designed it and had it tailor-made.

Ami: Rindu you mooorree. I miss my newfound sisters, I really do.
aishah amin said…
looking at these photos make me miss you even more Sha!:)) I hope you're doing great over there in nz! <3 I just started teaching classes again for the new semester and it's been pretty hectic! but i'm hanging in there:p
Hanafedora said…
OMG! that pavlova...yummmmm!
oh farah said…
take care sista!! miss you!!! :(
RS said…
you guys are soo beautiful. inspire me to look good all the time. btw, Hana can totally pass off as a Malay!!!
mish you too sha!!!
Zara A said…
Aww, it looks like you had an awesome time!
Masha'Allah sister Sha, I absolutely adore the dress you wore. You looked so sophisticated, stylish and just beautiful. As did all of your pretty scarflets!
Amazing pictures xxx
Misz J said…
Salam dear...u look so radiant in that dress.. adore your style...take care in NZ.. ;o) Jina
Anonymous said…
finally found ur site!
best nya! jeles nya! u dpt jmpa
hana T !
Everyone is looking amazing! Gosh, the entire thing just looks wonderful!
yuyu aziz said…
Love ur outfit sis~

Aisha said…
i was gonna say i love your dress, even more impressed knowing you designed it! its very chic <3
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Aishah: You must be the most stylish lecturer there. You go girl! Yes I miss all of you so terribly I <3 my new found sisters.

Hana: The funny thing is I have no idea where to get pavlova here in NZ, apart from supermarkets lol. Do they even have them at restaurants? I wonder!

Farah: Missin you too! You take care as well. All the best with your new business venture =)

RS: Every woman is beautiful in her own special way, just like you. I don't know about the rest of the girls.. but I don't look good ALL the time. Maybe I should do a 'campus wear' Style Sunday post lol. Yes a lot of people tell Hana looks Malay too. It must be her awesome Asian genes! hehe.

Maria: *HUGS*

Zara: Shukran sis! That's so sweet. Yes my Scarflet sisters are a beautiful bunch of girls aren't they mashaAllah.

Miserable J: Oh no, I hope you're not actually miserable! Thanks for your thoughtful comment =)

DOVE: Aww don't worry, I think Hana will be back in Malaysia in no time and she would loove to meet all her fans so inshaAllah there'll be heaps of other Maysaa events =)

Smiley: Thanks hun! It was an unforgettable event. Whenever we get together it's always so much fun. I miss those days now that I'm back doing 60-page readings for each course every week lol.

Yuyu: Thank you =)

Ashi: Aww thank you! Simplicity goes a long, long way, that's what I've learned.
Amnah said…
Mashallah! Gorgeous girls, gorgeous food, gorgeous outfits. You gals certainly know how to have a good time.
Yunne Osman said…
wow! you made that dress? impressive! and thanks for the compliment, about me being sweet and all. haha i think you're the one who's so sweet. i've said it before and i'm saying it again, miss you heaps!
cikgu hanum said…
Anonymous said…
dis is sooooo cool..huhu
Anonymous said…
dis is sooooo cool..huhu