Blogger Girls' Day Out

I think a lot of good came from the Live Fashion/Love Music event by Yuna and Hana Tajima. For starters, the fans had a chance to meet the talented singer and increasingly popular designer. Then we had a sneak preview into Maysaa’s latest collection. But what’s awesome is that the event also brought bloggers together. For instance, another dynamic duo, Sue Anna Joe and Maria Elena, are now collaborating on a web show called ‘We Say Well’.

And if it weren’t for that event I wouldn’t have met Hana Fedora and Lia. Yes, that event marked the beginning of many wonderful friendships. Meeting someone you know from the blogging world in real life is a pretty new phenomenon for me. Judging a blogger from their blog is kinda like judging a book by its cover. Sure, there’s heaps you can tell about a person from what their posts are about but it’s the not same as knowing them in real life.

A person is a lot like a book.

A book has many pages while a person has many layers to their personality. You have to read their facial expressions and body language. You have to interpret their words and intonation. Just like a book, in order to understand the essence of the story you have to go through all the chapters carefully. With a person, in order to understand their personality you can observe the way they react to certain situations and see what makes them laugh and the issues they are passionate about.

Aimie, my long lost sister, lights up instantly when she talks about her son, Little Z. You may know her from her blog and if you don't, you're totally missing out! Just in case you didn’t know, she is half Arab half Malay; that’s why she stands out and looks so beautifully exotic. She grew up in Ipoh or as us Malaysians say it, Ipoh mali la! Her beauty secrets? She doesn’t have any. Or maybe she hasn’t shared them with me… after all they are meant to be a secret. However, as far as I know, this woman looks good effortlessly.

I knew Hana when she wrote me a lovely e-mail a few months ago. I’ve been following her blog ever since and from there I can tell that she’s a sweet, smart and determined woman. I mean, hello, she’s pursuing a PhD in Engineering. If that’s not determination and brains, I don’t know what is! After spending time with her I can now tell you that she’s brave, animated and outspoken. She loves tea without sugar and she prefers to take the stairs instead of the elevator at her apartment building in London. In case you're wondering, Hana Fedora is her actual name. Oh and I sincerely mean it when I say this: she’s prettier in person.

Lia blogs but she does it privately. She is quite a shy person but she is sweet and friendly. She doesn’t talk too much but just enough. Lia thinks being an IT person is boring but I have to disagree. Does Mark Zuckerberg ring a bell, anyone? The man she married turned out to be her good friend's brother. She is a mum to her 17 month old daughter, Nia and did I mention that she’s very understanding and forgiving? Let’s just say it has something to do with us not being so punctual lol. And her skin, oh her skin is so smooth and flawless mashaAllah. Thanks to her we had lunch at this very pretty café called 'Garden' at The Curve.

I love how they keep the tea warm

Pink rose tea: Almost too pretty to drink

Grilled Norwegian Salmon: An overall okay meal even though the salmon was a tad overdone.
If you're gonna order this tell them not to overcook it.
Or have the Barramundi fish instead. Hana's meal was so delish.

Hana likes to stick her nose in other people's..err... soup?

Soft Shell Crab Salad: Totally recommended! 

This is what happens when bloggers meet up

Checking out the stalls at The Street, Curve

Taking photos with the Xmas decorations and making Aimie cringe lol

No girls’ day out would be complete without dessert so we had New Zealand Natural ice cream. Of course. I mean, a little bit of NZ will always be in my heart… or in my tummy. I'm happy either way. 

Boysenberry ice cream

Then we had Tutti Frutti frozen yoghurt. For all the non-Malaysians reading this, you should know this about us: we’re absolutely crazy about food. If you hear anyone talking about people hopping from one café to another in one day to eat different types of food, they’re probably talking about Malaysians. 

Adding the final touches

Gummy bears, Oreos, peanuts and chocolate syrup

All in all, I’m gonna miss days like these when I’m back in New Zealand. I think Hana can relate. Once we’re back into our books life is tough! There's less time to keep the spirit of sisterhood alive and strong. I think it's  important for women to stick together, support each other and have a little fun. Otherwise, we'll just drown in our roles as wife, mother, etc.

Ladies, go treat yourself to something that makes you feel special today. It can be anything and not necessarily expensive too. Even a fresh bouquet of flowers would be nice, don't you think? 


Unknown said…
all you girls are really pretty & inspiring, smart stylish and super lovely mashaAllah :)

would love to hang out with you girls one day. i love aimie's capegan and ur leopard print scarf <3
mustikasari said…
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Hanafedora said…
Oh my! i do sounded like a health Awww sha you make teary now :) your so sweet... Aimie was right! you are a bella. Now let's go to Italy (i Know, random right? lol)

hugs and kisses to my lovely and sweet sha bella
Anonymous said…
Yes she's such a bella! and Hana is always so random with her santa's HO-HO-HOs and whatnots lol!

Oh god, am missing you girls already!

And why are you so quick with the updates Sha?! I haven't even gone through the fashion friday post you blogging superstar you!! :D
♥Soso♥ said…
Your all glowing mashallah sooo gorg
I always say Ima come to Malaysia to EATT EATT && EATT som more and yeh buy some hijabs s'well

inshallahh one dayy xx

love girly days out like this & love all the pics :)
♥Soso♥ said…
Aimie looks a lil arabicc.. is she ?
nurul khalidah said…
you girls are gorgeous. btw, how do you wear your hijab? i like how it covered the chest part. is it the same as the tutorial you showed before?
Anonymous said…
all you girls are so down to earth! i dont have any friends who ever want to hang out with me, eat out or take pictures -_-
SaLuff said…
You gals all look so beautiful! mashaAllah! We have ice cream places like that in the US, where you can add all the toppings you like. I always make a trip when uni gets overwhelming :P
Anonymous said…
i'm from the states, and from where i'm sitting, you girls look so full of life! i should make a trip over there one day :)
Farah said…
Salam sha
I've been reading ur blog for quite some time now. U all sgt gorgeous! I wish I could meet up with u guys in person..

Btw I'm shea rasol sister tp I takde la stylo like her,hehe
Anonymous said…
Salam to all of you!

Looks like you had FUN! Love the pictures and you girls all look very pretty, indeed.

And also, thank you for the hijab tutorial you posted few days ago, I bought new scarfs and begin to wear them like you did. You are awesome, Sha :D and beautiful ;)

Zatil Aqmar said…
"If you hear anyone talking about people hopping from one café to another in one day to eat different types of food, they’re probably talking about Malaysians"

hahaha so truee!! cant agree more :)

you guys look awesome. please make more gatherings like this ok :)
Rumaitha said…
You girls look very pretty mashallah. I love the sense of fashion here that I think I might steal some looks here and there ;)
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Ami: Let us know when you're out of the hospital and all ready to hang out with us ;)

Mustika: Alhamdulillah, it's always nice to spend time with like-minded friends, even if it's once in a while =)

Hana: Aww hugs and kisses to you too. Typical world traveller! Ok let's go. Tomorrow? We take my private jet ok? =P *berangan*

Aimie: I'm quick because I don't have a baby and a husband to fuss over ;)

soso: Yeah, Malaysia is THE place when it comes to food and shopping. InshaAllah you'll visit one day! Yes Aimie is half Arab. I did mention it in my post btw...

hijabi hippie hypo: Thanks hun!

nk: It's not quite the same but the reason I was able to cover my chest was the because the scarf is very long compared to other shawls.

Anon: Awh man =( Some people just aren't into hanging out so much. Hopefully you'll find some new friends a.s.a.p!

Sluff: For some reason I am always surrounded by beautiful people. Oh the pressure! Oh and yes I can relate to when Uni gets overwhelming =/ A little treat does the trick lol.

Anon: Aww thanks, alhamdulillah we had a good time. Yup, KL is definitely worth checking out!

Farah: Wassalam, ohhh Shea's sister! Thanks for following my blog? Why didn;t you come to the Maysaa event? We all could've met up there.

ria: Oh your welcome. I'm glad you find the tutorial helpful. JazakAllah khair for your sweet comments.

L&S: To be honest I get bored of malls but it's always nice to pay them a visit once in a while... just to check out what's new these days!

Zatil: InshaAllah, when we can synchronise our schedules =) I find that as we get older we have less time for each other due to work, studies, etc. so girly outings become pretty rare, unfortunately.

Rummy: Aww thank you Rummy. Have fun styling!
S said…
I love reading your blog! mA, you all are a lovely group :) The ice cream looks super delicious and you take wonderful pictures as well mA.
ᖇᗩE said…
YOU make me hungry !!

... miss my girlfriends :(
Misha said…
Love the pics, you girls look beautiful!
Aisha said…
this has left me craving a day out with my friends, we make plans and end up cancelling because one thing or another comes up. its mostly because of being stuck in books and work!

such gorgeous ladies and photos, the food looks yummehhhh!
Lady Dyla said…
owh bebehs! u guys look awesomeeeee!!

ps:: linked ur blog erk darl
-Amina said…
Sha, this post made me miss my girlfriends even more than i miss them now!

Can't wait till you're back!
Reading this reminded me so much of my college days, a girls day out is always fab!
You girlys look beautiful! Loving your outfits :)
Fida Islaih said…
I just found your blog through Aminah's blog list. I have to say I can relate a little, I'm half Malaysian. The other half is Arab American.

Well, that was a great post. A Girl's Day out is always fun and sisterly.
Anonymous said…
may i know what camera that u have in that pic..?
{f a r a h} said…
I live in Perth, that's why I'm not there. I wish I'm in kl right now.argh..
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Salam girls, thanks for your comments!

Anon: I think you're referring to Hana's camera. It's a Sony NEX 5 if I am not mistaken.