Beauty of Simplicity


Well simplicity...How to check one's own simplicity? I see myself ambivalent in this term!
Anything I am seeking and making dua are things of simplicity. But when I think of my personality I can define everything but not simplicity, even more that I am very complicated...:-SSS
Kida said…
Thank you so much for this! All these quotes are beautiful. Each one has brought me to question how I live my life.
Unknown said…
salam sha. the simplicity of your new blog template makes me love it more.
Asielah said…
this is awesome! im loving ur entries! dont mind me, being a new follower of urs and all. jakun sikit. :p

ur making this mind of mine work at an early hour! the words definitely brought wisdom to today.. simplicity is what i've been trying to achieve lately, tho its hard sometimes. but thank you for these entries. gave me strength to continue on searching for that place in life where i can be closer to God and live for Him. :)
ᖇᗩE said…
And so they say, simplicity is beauty :)
ajjah said…
nicely done sha :)
Atiqah Adnan said…
good sharing..^^ loves reading ur blog~
Chloe said…
Food for thought, thanks Sha! xo
Nina said…
I couldn't have posted it better myself. Well done, sis. :)
Simplicity really does make life a kajillion times easier.
Mona Zenhom said…
I love it. Great idea for a post.
♥Soso♥ said…
wow amazing words
Shahirah Elaiza said…
bosnishmuslima: I think I know what you mean. I am the same way! I will write a post on my thoughts about simplicity inshaAllah. Stay tuned =)

Lamis: Always to happy to share my inspirations sweetie!

kakchik: Thanks for noticing that I've simplified my blog!

Asielah: Thank you for following actually =) Anything great requires a lot of patience and steadfastness. What you're trying to achieve is worth fighting for. All the best.

Bitten: It's very true. Simplicity doesn't necessarily mean plainness too.

ajjah: Thanks hun!

Atiqah: Thanks for reading =)

Chloe: You know me, always thinkin'... gotta make others think too lol.

Aminah: Yes but it's not easy to achieve it if you're used to thinking complicatedly lol.

Mona Z: Yay, glad you do!

soso: I know, I just had to share 'em!
shueyshoelove said…
i am loving all the quotes!!! all soo very truee.