Vivy's 23rd Birthday Surprise

There's nothing like a girlfriend's birthday party to help you feel better after you've been struck with a case of fever and tonsilitis. I had been meaning to catch up with Vivy all week, however, I had to regretfully cancel every time mainly because I was really unwell (also explains why I haven't been online much lately). When her boyfriend invited me to her surprise birthday party I knew I had to try my best to make it, come dizzy spells and all!

It was held yesterday at none other than one of our favourite places to eat, Cafe Barbera. Fadza and Ajjrina organised the whole shenanigan. Ajjrina actually decorated the private room and it was so pretty! I was surprised because I thought the restaurant would've taken care of that but I'm glad she did it instead because the decoration turned out really nice. The party was simple yet sweet just like the birthday girl herself and we all had a good time with each other. That's all that really matters at the end of the day, innit?

 May Allah bless you with everything you've always dreamed of, beautiful. Ameen.

Beef Pepperoni Pizza

We fought over this cheesy prawn dip. It's that good.

The cake nobody got to eat 'cos it was too pretty lol

Yours truly and the gorgeous birthday girl

I <3 this shot! 

With the super talented decorator

There is never a dull moment with you, Princess! Who said being sick has has to be boring?


ᖇᗩE said…
It looks like you really had fun :) Btw, the gorgeous birthday girl has a nice sunglasses, I dig 'em!
RS said…
coolness!! =)
cool! can I just say you still look stunning even whilst ill- cannot tell at all! MashaAllah
Aisha said…
this is you...ill? pull the other one :P kiddding, hope ur feeling better hun. glad u had fun!
hatim a.r said…
if im not mistaken this is the second time u write about this cafe barbera right?now i really have to try it out!

btw u dont look sick at all(another way of saying u look gorgeous cos i believe ure tired of hearing that already),lets just hope u dint spread any virus at the party hehe
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Bitten: We did hun and Vivy can make anything look good, that's just how she is!

RS: Yayness!

hijabi hippie hypo: Make up works wonders at times like this my dear. Thank you for being so sweet.

L&S: Looks can be deceiving cos after the party I had to lie down for a while hahaha. But thank you for your comment, you always have lovely things to say, jazakAllah! I'm thinking of doing a hijab tutorial next week ;) Keep your eyes peeled for that.

Aisha: You can tell that I'm sick, just look at my eyes! =( Nobody believes me until they hear me lol. Thank you, I'm much better now after sleeping for like.. uhm.. 12 hours a day? lol

Hatim: This was my 3rd time at Cafe Barbera actually and yes you should go. Kenapa tak pergi-pergi lagi? ish ish. Both my friend, Princess, and I were sick. After the party we both lied down and wallowed in our own misery together hehe.

Thank you for the compliment, Hatim. I feel very ordinary, to be honest. Good luck with your exams!