Fashion Friday: SATC

When Aimie and I bumped into Hana Fedora and Lia (a mutual friend of Aimie and Hana) at the Live Fashion/Love Music event, Hana suggested that we should all meet up again just before she rushed home to get ready for her trip to Beijing. She’s such a globe trotter, that girl! Anyhoo, we scheduled a date a.s.a.p because Hana's leaving for London soon. We finally had our girls' day out at The Curve on Friday.

And I thought... Wouldn't it be awesome if I featured these awesome ladies in my Fashion Friday? 
They are all beautiful in their own ways mashaAllah!

SATC : Sisterhood at The Curve
(very clever of Aimie, innit?)

Hana in one of 2010's comeback trends: the playful plaid. I'm in love with her smile!

Lia knows it pays to be simple and let her funky print scarf steal the limelight

Aimie went 'nude' and looked très elegant in her 'capegan' (cape + cardigan)

And that's moi ;) I opted for the relaxed urban chic look.
Looking back, I think I should've worn a cardi or jacket with this outfit. 
I was in a rush and didn't really think it through. It happens!

Ahh Saskia, ma belle, my favourite bag right now. I adore everything about it.

Keep your eyes peeled for the juicy details of our girls' day out ;)

Photos are courtesy of the ever so lovely Aimie Bahirah


love u guys! very aspiring.. and inspiring...
u look skinny here sha!
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Aww thanks Aida! Each of these ladies have their own style and I just wanted to show that. Fashion is very personal and people tend to forget that and start emulating others just because. And I'm anything but skinny! But thanks for being sweet =)
u guys did it so well, nothing more nothing less.. :)
Mina said…
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Mina said…
Mashallah don't guys look pretty, individual and unique in your own it:)
Tahirah A. said…
Oh my..pretty girls walking down the curve.. ;) looking good all of you..

Sha, did you notice the two ladies sitting at the side were staring at you posing? They must be amazed with your beauty!!..hehe..

I didn't get the chance to say "hi" to Lia the other day, send my salam to her ok
-Amina said…
You all looked gorgeous, mashaAllah. <3

You're right Sha, fashion is personal, and is portrayed best when done to show an individual's style rather than following the mainstream style.
♥Soso♥ said…
woww, love it
(theknot) Aimie does the nudes oh so welll xx
love all of your styles, you look soooo stunning!
Kcaiyah D. said…
y'all look so pretty and i love your styles. =)
Wulandari said…
Aw... beautiful girls and outfit. I like your pants, it looks really comfy & loose ^^

Oh ya, I give you an award, please do come by to my blog yaa, Shahirah ^^
unsettledsoul said…
Sha, LOVE your outfit, totally something I would wear.
you all look so gorgeous mashaAllah :)
Anonymous said…
Oh Shahirah such a beautiful post :)!You girls all look so nice and stylish.
I really,really love your look in this post...I so would wear it myself,too.
Love <3!
Anonymous said…
hey! i am super love your shawl. may i know where do u get those? it's lovely..!!! :) yes, you look beautiful.
pls share, i am searching high and low for that leopard print shawl!
semua cantik wau ! :)
Yunne Osman said…
nice! again, where is that 'like' button??? =)
SS. said…
mashaallah you are beautiful and very fashionable. i love how you and your friends dont let donning the scarf get in the way of having a chic sense of style. am loving what all of you are wearing! :)
Anonymous said…
Lia's handbag..Tres' chic! wat is it..? im gona find one like dat! is it abiecrombie..?? share, wont you..?? =)
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Mina: Thank you =)

bride2wife: Nah, I'm pretty sure they were wondering what the fuss was all about hehe. Will tell Lia to check out your comment.

Amina: Sa7! =)

soso: I totally agree.

bosnishmuslima: Thank you dear!

Kai: Thanks =)

L&S: Hana's smile is full of life mashaAllah =)

Wulandari: They're probably the comfiest pants I own, thanks girl!

unsettledsoul: Well we are both Virgos ;)

hijabi hippie hypo: Thank you!

Jasmina: Happy you like the post!

Anon: Thank you, it's from Cotton On.

mardhiah: Terima kasih =)

Yunne: If only we had FB applications in real life ey!

SS.: One of the things I found out after wearing hijab is that it doesn't get in the way of anything that really matters in life. Thanks for your comment =)

Anon: I'll get Lia to reply you okay?
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Anon: It's from Zara!
Anonymous said…
oui! TQ! nice choice Lia!
Wulandari said…
hello Shahirah! Sorry I forget to put your name on award list :D I knew which one Ami and you, I'm not confused,hehehe. I've added you dear on the list