Fashion Friday: New Year's Eve Breakfast

What I wore to breakfast today. 

Oh and Happy New Year 2011 in advance!
InshaAllah it will be a successful and blessed year for each and everyone of you.
 May we increase our iman and good deeds only for the sake of pleasing Allah swt. 


Sahira said…
Ameen, ameen, ameen!! Those shoes are beautiful, btw <3 Lucky it's summertime on the other side of the globe...we're freezing over here!
Anisa said…

happy new year yaa
Chloe said…
hehe I remember those shoes! Happy new year! xox
ashieBee said…
the shoes is sooooo pretty!!!! and appy new year to you too sha **hugs**
♥Soso♥ said…
rock the maxi girl!

May the year 2011 be filled with good times, happiness, success and most importantly Allah's blessings
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Sahira: Ameen!! =) It's always summer in Malaysia... it's not necessarily a good thing esp. for hijabis. At least winter ends for you lol.

Anisa: Thanks. You too!

Chloe: The heels are actually much higher than how they look in the pic remember? Happy New Year Chloe! See you in NZ inshaAllah.

ashiebee: Yes... but they're such a pain to walk in. I don't wear 'em unless I know I won't be doing much walking that day lol.

soso: Ameen! =D
-Amina said…
Ameen! Happy new year to you too Pumpkin! <3
Aisha said…
happy new year my lovely!! you look lovely and those shows are so pretty! thank you for the vote, i voted for you too =D
Zara A said…
Masha'Allah my blogger friend Aminah was right. You really are a beautiful fashion queen! Masha'Allah.- You look pretty in such stylish clothes. I'm loving the shoes.
syieranuar said…
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syieranuar said…
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syiera said…
u looks beautiful sis! love your wedges :)
Smart CoOKie said…
Cute dress. Happy new year.
Nina said…
Cute outfit! The pastel colors look really good on you. And your shoes are so pretty! I love wedges, but I never mastered walking in high heels, lol.

Happy new year!
Ameen to your duas! You look lovely, and im loving the shoes! :D
Happy new year to you too, Shahirah!
dianna said…
hey hunny. happy new year :)
i lovvveeee loveeee your wedges btw.
heyy....nice outfit...happy new year!!!
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Amina: Miss you Leymoona!

Ashi: Aww thanks for voting. I'm not really expecting anything cos there are so many awesome blogs out there, wow! Happy new year hun <3

Zara A: You and Aminah are being too generous. I'm no fashion queen. Just a girl who loves clothes a little bit too much lol. Thanks for dropping by and happy new year!

syiera: Thank you =)

Smart Cookie: Shukran 7abibti.

Aminah: Aww thank you. These look like wedges but they're actually super high platforms and I can barely walk in them lol. I bought them cos I love the print. I'm a sucker for hand drawn flowers. Lol.

Smiley: Ameen ya rabbal alameeeen. lol.Happy New Year babes!

dianna: Thank you. Selamat tahun baru =)

Vivarjitha: Thanks and happy new year to you too!!
Hijabs and Co said…
mashallah you look stunning,
i love your shoes, happy new year dear !!
iati blush said…
shoes!!!!so so nicee!completes u n d outfit!great 2011 4 u!
Amnah said…
Your outfit is gorgeous!