Vivy's Engagement Ceremony

One of my closest friends, Vivy, founder of Fashion Valet, got engaged last Saturday, alhamdulillah.  
So I say more pictures less words please!

(I suggest you play this to set the mood for this post hehe) 

Beautiful floral dais and a nervous Vivy before the ceremony.

Behind the scenes: Hungry 'maidens', an excited nephew and Vivy getting dolled up by the legendary Khir Khalid

The ceremony begins: Maidens bring out the gifts (hantaran) from the girls' side of the hantaran exchange. Future mother-in-law slips on the ring and Vivy and Fadza are officially engaged! 

Photo sesh with family and dulang girls. Vivy's elegant engagement dress and our sweet dresses were custom-made by INNAI

Tent of love: Picture perfect ceremony and tent decorated by famous wedding planner, Pak Abu. And there's Sara and Asma' taking full advantage of the ABC (sweetened ice) stall on a hot and humid day.

Sri Cempakan brats.

Leave a bunch of girls with a camera and we'll create our own fun. 

Congratulations Vivy and Fadza! We love you guys! 

Ok readers, did you enjoy the pictures I so diligently compiled for you? Do you wanna make my day and Vivy's day?
It's simple, just click here and shop away ;) 


Such a beautiful ceremony. And you look gorgeous dear. Love your skin! (boleh x? hehe). You really have a perfect skin. :)
Shahirah Elaiza said…
@Shaza, thank you for thinking so but my skin is not perfect at all... the power of make up, really. And highlighter adds a bit of glow =)
Suri Aryani said…
You look beautiful!! All of you!! What a beautiful engagement
Anonymous said…
Everything's done to perfection mashAllah. Wonder what the wedding'll look like! You look gorgeous, as you always do :D
Shahirah Elaiza said…
@Suri, it was indeed a beautiful day.

@yasmin, that's what everyone was thinking - we can't wait to see how the nikah and reception will be like! InshaAllah everything will go well.
Aneesa said…
Surprisingly, Vivy looks tall. ;p
washi said…
Wow! Thanks for sharing these pics...simply stunning :)
hatim a.r said…
ok since you posted about your best friend's engagement,here comes the cliche question. When is your turn? ehem ehem
yatie chomeyl said…
As one of vivy's blog reader, I was waiting eagerly to read the story on her engagement day. thanks for sharing those beautiful pictures during the beautiful ceremony :)
Jasmine Ali said…
Beautiful engagemet, mashallah.

I checked her fashion site and I love what she sells!! But I was wondering. Can I buy them from Canada or does she only sell them in Malaysia?
Noor Of My Life said…
Your friend looks positively glowing in her pictures and you look gorgeous as do other the other girls. I love the venue and decor !
Mona Zenhom said…
Everything about this is soooo beautiful, mashaAllah.
Shahirah Elaiza said…
@TheGirl, but there are no pics of her standing?? lol

@washi @yatiechomeyl, you're welcome!

@hatim, ahhh if I had RM1 for everytime someone asked me that.

@Jasmine Ali, thank you! Fashion Valet ships worldwide =)

@Noor, decor's gorgeous isn't it? like a garden inside the home.

@Mona Z, tell me about it. Lucky girl Vivy is, mashaAllah!
The Black Jubah said…

MashaAllah...cantik nyer, macam dalam heaven...but personally I think you outshine everybody else....with your HIJAB....
Anonymous said…
hi, love all these photos. May I know what camera did you use?
areniece05 said…

you guys look so stunning and adorable in those baju kurungs. i'd like to ask is there any shops/blogs that do sell baju kurung same like yours?
Aisha said…
Everyone and everything is so beautiful, masha'Allah <3
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