Mawlid & "Haul" Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jailani

One of the best Islamic gatherings I've ever attended to date. Shaykhs, muftis and scholars who came included Dr. Ahmad Al-Haddad (Dubai), Shaykh Rafi Al-Ani (Iraq), Habib Umar bin Hamid Al-Jailani (Mecca), Shaykh Abdul Aziz Ahmed Fredericks (Scotland) and Shaykh Usama Canon (America). Thousands were there mashaAllah. The congregation consisted from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, India and more. 

(Most of the pictures were taken my brother. Thank you bro!)

Taken with my Blackberry

Habib Ali Zainal Abidin 

Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Salam, Mufti from Australia 

Sheikh Ahmed Tijani ben Omar, Chicago, America

Shaykh Abdul Aziz Ahmed Fredericks, Scotland 
I enjoyed his speech about the Islamic concept of chivalry. Unfortunately it had to be cut short due to time constraints. 

Shaykh Usama Canon, California, America

Shaykh Afeefudin Al-Jailani and Habib Hassan Salim Al-Attas 

I wore the Sweet Basil Heart abaya by Sal Design. It was very comfortable and my Mum said it flowed really nicely. That's a huge compliment coming from a very fussy fashion designer/lecturer. I'll be doing a proper review of this abaya soon, inshaAllah

Another blessed weekend, alhamdulillah


ChOcOlaTos said…
salam...I saw you there!!soo beautiful laa sis
Nesayang said…
MasyaAllah, you looked so beautifulllllllllllllllllll :']
Shahirah Elaiza said…
@ChOcOlaTos, you did? There were thousands of people there! lol Thank you sis.

@Nesayang, thank you =0)
Fantasy said…
i was there too sis!
Maz said…
MasyaAllah! I have been so consumed with work,I missed this! And I live right in the heart of Putrajaya! Something is definitely wrong with me. Are you planning an entry on this? I would be extremely grateful if you do :). To think that you were in the company of some of the leading Islamic Scholars. All of you are so lucky!
Anonymous said…
asalamualaikum kak shahira :D amazing event masyallah. but hope you dont mind me saying this, the picture you put caption as habib ali zainal abidin al jufri isnt actually his picture, the one speaking in the picture is the translator. :) love your blog.
Shahirah Elaiza said…
@Fantasy, yay!

@Maz, I'm afraid this is it as I arrived quite late and missed most of the talks. I did upload Sh. Usama Canon's lecture though:

@natasha shaneena, wa alaykummusalam! Thanks hun but that's Habib Ali Zainal Abidin Al-Hamid =)