Detour to Doha {Part 3}

I've been meaning to write about this for such a long time but something always came up. I finally found the perfect opportunity now. You didn't think I'd visit Qatar and just write about the hotel I stayed in, did you?

On the day we arrived Doha we had dinner outside instead of dining at the hotel. We were hoping to try local Arabic food and were told to go to the souq. Souq Waqif which literally means 'standing market' is the go-to place for souvenirs, handicrafts, spices and traditional clothes in Doha. But since it was night time we figured we'd just go there to have a nice dinner and explore the souq the next day.

We parked in front these stables. These Arabian horses were beautiful. *cue the Arabian Nights song from Aladdin*

Too hungry to walk around much we went to the first restaurant we saw - Al Tawash.
Loved the traditional Arabic decor and romantic ambience which made us feel like we were transported to a different space and time.


Dinner time, baby! For starters we had bread and hummus. Best hummus I ever had by the way - thick and creamy.  My main meal was a massive portion of lamb kabsa that was perfect for sharing. I don't remember the name of the third dish but it was a type of soup with bread soaked in it. And for dessert we had the heavenly haya bia. It was my first time trying this dessert and I can't seem to find the recipe anywhere! But it was AMAZING. It's kind of like an Arabic tiramisu. I think the top was sprinkled with Oreo. I feel like going back to Doha just for this dessert.

More shots of the souq at night. They even had little food stalls. I saw a lady making and selling atayef. So much to discover, so little time.

Here's a very short video I recorded at the souk. You'll be able to get a feel of what it's like. 

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to be continued....


I love your pic. And you look beautiful,sis.
Did you edit your pictures? Are you using photoshop for that?
Shahirah Elaiza said…
@Shaza, yes Photoshop was used to create a nostalgic feel ;)
Feda said…
wow beautiful pictures, I love travel photos and you look gorgeous mA!
Shahirah Elaiza said…
@Feda, shukran Feda! I love YOUR travel photos.
Anonymous said…
isnt the dessert mahlabiya instead of hala biya? u might find the recipe now..:)
Shahirah Elaiza said…
@Anon, but muhalabiya is milk pudding and haya bia was definitely not milk pudding. Tasted 100x better! ;)
masyaAllah, dear, beautiful photos, beautiful you. make me wana go to there too!
Shahirah Elaiza said…
@Diana, thank you! InshaAllah you'll get to go one day. Kumpul duit nanti buat Umrah and then visit Qatar =) I heard Jordan is very beautiful too.