Sneak Preview of Umrah 2011 {Part 4}

Salaam all, I'm back in New Zealand now. Phewh, it's hectic travelling between three time zones within a month but alhamdulillah, here I am finally. Thank you for your emails and comments. I'll try and get back to you as soon as I can! 

For now here's a little sneak preview to Part 4 of the Umrah 2011 series. 
(Please note that I am a total amateur when it comes to recording videos so please bear with me.) 


Syamira Ismail said…
doakan saya suatu hari nanti dpt ke sana kak ;')
Parveen said…
Ekki Sri Rahayu said…
i really wish i could be there too.. :') subhanallah..
umrah packages said…
What a nice post and what nice video. I hope that I would also be there on day. InshaAllah and thanks for sharing such a nice video.
Mash Allah very nice Video. Thanks for sharing.