HFW MAY 2011 {Day 6: Vacation Wear}

Absolutely breathtaking scenery, eleven awesomely beautiful girlfriends and one very much needed holiday... that pretty much sums up my recent road trip to New Zealand's most amazing holiday destination, Queenstown. If I could choose one place to live in New Zealand for the rest of my life, Queenstown would probably be it. 

It's autumn at the moment... and it gets pretty cold down here in the South Island. I made sure I kept myself warm and toasty by wearing this lush fur vest. Some people choose to dress more casually than usual during a vacation but I'm kind of the opposite. Holidays are about spending quality time with your family and/or friends. It's also about spending quality time with you because you need to take care of yourself too - mentally, physically and spiritually. Therefore during a vacation I do one of the things I love most which is having fun with fashion!

On that note... I try not to wear tight jeans or pants when I go out nowadays. 90% of the time you would see me in a dress or skirt because I think I  look the most modest in them. However, on some days I do make an exception and for the road trip I did it because a) a skirt / dress would've been quite hard to do activities in, b) I don't own any loose pants / jeans that would've kept me as warm. These jeans were the most practical option for me. 

So girlies... please don't think I'm advocating tight jeans as appropriate outdoor clothing for Muslimahs. They're great to wear at home, definitely. Having said that, I'm not judgemental if you do wear skinny jeans or skinny anything for that matter. Not wearing tight clothes is something I'm personally trying to change about myself ever since I started wearing hijab a year ago. One thing I've learned is that it does take time to have the hijabi mindset and the best thing is to do it gradually. I never force myself to wear something I don't want to but I do take the time to learn more about Islam in order to understand why God wants both Muslim men and women to dress modestly. With that, I hope to better myself as a Muslim by taking baby steps, inshaAllah.

For my resort beach-wear look... check out this post from the holiday I went with my family a few months ago. I <3 Malaysia. 

P.S. Can someone please make these cool palazzo-like jeans more widely available? Because I really would like to start wearing more denim jeans again! 

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R S said…
I so wish I could live in New Zealand. It's an amazing place to be at! So envious. I will make my way there one day just to see its beauty.

Btw, looking great as always. Love the 2nd picture!
Shahirah Elaiza said…
RS: Aww thank you for always leaving the most positive comments <3 Yes NZ's amazing! Wish I had more time to travel and explore.
syieranuar said…
u'r so beautiful sis!mashaAllah :)
Em said…
whaaa, I'm not a fan of cold weather locations but New Zealand looks absolutely amazing!!! I've wanted to go there ever since Lord of the Rings ahaha xP and absolutely adoring that vest you have, totally cold weather chic <3!
Feda said…
beautiful! you look so happy and comfy! love the second picture!
aishah amin said…
always wanted to try something like this but i don't think the weather here in msia ever allowed me to:P you totally rocked the outfit Sha!<3 One of my fave's from you!

Maiyach™ said…
cute outfit sis :)
Shums said…
lovely outfit and beautiful scenery! :)
Naziehah said…
I love the fur vest! I understand what you mean about the jeans. It is very challenging, especially during the winter as we need our clothes to be as close as possible to our body to preserve our bodyheat. What I did to overcome this issue is to wear a day dress over my jeans. During colder times, I look for knitted day dress. I am lucky I managed to find some really gorgeous ones in the UK - not sure hoe the fashion scenes are like in NZ.

But I think you are doing great inspiring us with your modest fashion sense. And as long as we keep improving ourselves - that's all that matters :)
You look gorgeous, sucha beautiful smile! Loving your hijab.
The scenery is truly breath taking. Wow.
-Amina said…
Love it! The vest is my fave :)
Unknown said…
pretty posh sha! i wish i can wear fur in malaysia haha <3
Laila said…
You look so beautiful! the yellow colour looks so good on you :D
The whole outfit is awesom! :D
Isabella Yunita said…
hai, kak Sha! u r such inspiring!

u've been my top fave blogger, have a look my post here:

thanks for dropping by, :)

Haute Muslimah said…
This is one of my absolute favorite outfits. Ever.
sigmazetaz said…
ok, you are now officially my favourite blogger! ;)
p/s: palazzo is super great. ia adalah anugerah! weehoo ;p
Sizzling Suzai said…
salam.hi there beautiful place n beautiful outfit..love the fur as it make u look so stylish! =)
ur so beautiful and i jst love ur blog!!! am planning to take a vacation sometimes in beg or mid october.and am thinking malayasia!! and definetly after following ur blog fo rmonths im in love wit ur country
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Thank you for your lovely comments <3

Aurore, how exciting! I hope you enjoy your time in Malaysia. If you have any questions just drop me a line ok? =) Thank you btw!
Salt N Turmeric said…
I love your shoes! They're wedges aren't they? On the jeans, i saw a lot of them here even at Old Navy but Im too short and 'tubby' to wear them. lol.