HFW MAY 2011 {Day 7: Party Hostess}

Whether it's a party for ten or a party for two... it's always fun to dress up and be colourful. Leave behind whites, blacks and nudes. This is your time to shine! If I were to host an all girls' party I wouldn't wear hijab but for some occasions (say a kid's birthday party) you have to because photos will be taken and you'd want to be on the safe side.  

An all girls' party... is an opportunity to show a different side to yourself so don't be afraid to explore different styles and trends. As the hostess you want to look good but you definitely don't want to overdress and make your guests feel uncomfortable. If you want you could set a theme so they can have some direction when choosing what to wear for your party.

I love hosting events and throwing parties... I enjoy every aspect of it  (when I'm not busy with studies) - cooking, baking, decorating, dressing up and spending time with my girls. If I were a Desperate Housewife I would be Bree Van De Kamp! (Well, maybe just the domestic "goddess" part and not so much the cougar part). For this ensemble I chose to combine some of my favourite colours - peach, turquoise and lilac. I wore bright yellow Italian shoes because they reveal the bold and unpredictable side of me. Plus they're really cute, don't you think? 

And so it ends...  I can't believe seven days have come and gone so soon. It's been a thrill to participate in Hijabi Fashion Week May/June 2011. I've seen many inspiring looks by such stylish and beautiful girls, mashaAllah. I hope everyone else enjoyed being a part of this experience with us regardless of whether you've posted your looks or not. Thank you so much for supporting us! And of course, a massive thank you to Asma and Em for all their effort in organising this for us. I think the new format reflects how much HFW has grown since last year. Well done ladies!


Isabella Yunita said…
very sweet, kak Sha..
and always beautiful mashaAllah.. <3

aha, i was writing about Desperate Housewives for my graduating paper, anyway, and yes, Bree van De Kamp is my fave as well, lol.

thanks for leaving a love in my post, kak Sha.. :)

salam, Icha. xx
Maiyach™ said…
very cute and good combination :)
love your hijab,your top,your bracelets,and your shoes :)


My Great Escape said…
Mashallah :)
Haute Muslimah said…
Those shoes are so fun! Your outfit is beautiful, Mashaallah!
aishah amin said…
WOW! i love the pleated dress!:)
and the shoes are super cool Sha!

Em said…
love, mashallah so gorgeous! the shoes, so unexpected but works so well w/ the entire look and the top makes me speechless :D!
Mash'Allah such a beautiful outfit! I love love LOVE the colors you chose! The shoes are outstanding! I am a shoe LOVER and I LOVE those shoes!!
Labella Iman said…
OHHHH Mashaallah so pretty!! That top is LOVE! perfect combo for a party hostess!
Heather said…
Ohmigosh. Those. SHOES!
Incredible. I am officially a little envious xo
Naziehah said…
Cute shoes! :D
sigmazetaz said…
ok, tak salah la..looking at you memang rasa sejuk je..memang ciri-ciri isteri mithali ni ;)
p/s: kasut itu sgt cantik ok! ;p
OMG! i love the unique yellow blacky shoes:) and the accesories too..........
Emmy Z said…
Masha'allah! Killer style, everything about this look is really BOLD and original!
LOVE the shoes!!
Sizzling Suzai said…
oh..love the top! huhu especially the turqoise accessories =) keep up d nice looks sis!
I like the tops :)