HFW MAY 2011 {Day 5: Jumaah}

Attending Friday prayers... is something I was introduced to when I came to New Zealand. Muslim women in Malaysia generally don't attend Jumaah and I think it's just a cultural thing. Having said that, I think it's awesome to go to the masjid, listen to the khutbah, pray congregationally and then catch up with the Muslim women in the community, especially here in the West where we are a minority. 

Entering the mosque... is basically entering the House of Allah. We should be as respectful and humble as we can and not only in our behaviour but also in the way we present ourselves. Muslims are encouraged to wear their best attire on Fridays and if it is within our means we should also wear new clothes as well according to this hadeeth:

The Prophet (sallallahu `alaihi wa sallam) said, "If one has the means, he should buy two pieces of clothing, other than his work clothes or [everyday clothing], to wear on Friday." 
                                                                                                                           (Abu Dawud)
But let's not use this as an excuse to go shopping or to dress over-the-top when we go to the masjid, ladies. Allah swt doesn't like it when people are wasteful or arrogant. God loves cleanliness and modesty so that should be the basis of our dressing everyday.

Jumaah Mubarak everyone! 
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R S said…
looking wonderful as always. I've realised that women not going for jumaah is a cultural thing in m'sia unless its ramadhan or something.
Saj said…
how come ur entry isnt on the main page of lovehfw?
Shahirah Elaiza said…
RS: Thanks hun! Although I think I look quite plain compared to the rest of the gorgeous girls on the official HFW website.

Saj: I was working on an assignment so I didn't submit it... until a few minutes ago =) thanks for checking with me though!
Sizzling Suzai said…
beautiful yet so modest for a friday ^^
Laila said…
I like your whole outfit! the colours are awesom! :D
Haute Muslimah said…
Love the dress over the skirt. That's one of my favorite looks!
aishah amin said…
Sha..you're so beautiful inside and out;) and i simply adore you for that!<3
Anonymous said…
sha, you look fabulous and pulled together, as always.
truth said…
Assalamu Aaleiykum

The masjid, the background, the verse and your (colorful (of deen)) thoughts.
It’s amazing in many ways..

1)Beautiful Islam

2)Your effort in presenting the deen in a fashionable way but not crossing the limit.…and awesome belief in deen of islam

3)Touch and ingredient of thoughts putting forward filled with divinity , dignity, humility modernity and modesty..

Conclusion: very sophisticated but and truly represented deen “adjusting to changing world of this day of modernity”
with diversity, having full of Humbleness.

This is the era of internet…young Muslims are diverting their eeman toward material things..your approach of bringing them back to deen with modern thoughts and ideology is great.
Fida Islaih said…
Beautiful colors! They remind me of autumn :)

Happy Friday to you,
Fida xx
I love the whole outfit. So beautiful and modest <3 :)
Nur said…
Salam sha. I read that u said it's a culture thing for women not to pray jumaah. I just wanna touch a bit on it. That is actually because we have to give the space in the mosque for the men to pray since it's wajib for them to pray jumaah, and for the women it's not made wajib. However if there's enough extra space for women to pray together, then women can pray jumaah as well.
Misz J said…
Assalamualaikum Sha...
You look stunning in every wear you pose...by the way, I believe I have the same face shape as you do and it made me not to wear scarfs that shows too much of my cheek and double chin..I don't really have that confident in me...hikkkk...but after seeing all your pics, that made me realise...who cares kan??So will try my best in my near future..ok, can't wait for your next fashion entry and keep up the good work... love your blog...;o)