I'm sure you've heard about "Mooz-lum". If you haven't then it's probably time you watch the trailer.

Or even better, watch the movie online over here
(Thank you Riham for the link.)

EDIT: I've just finished watching it. I think the director, Q Basir, did a good job in showing the complexities of growing up as a Muslim in America. What I like most about "Mooz-lum" is that it's trying to encourage both Muslims and non-Muslims to think about their roles and to be self-critical during challenging times like the one we live in right now. Are we making things better or worse for others? There are a few intense moments in the movie and Basir is not afraid to admit that Muslims make mistakes and he is not apologetic about it but he makes his point when the character of a Muslim girl named Taqwa says to her dismoralised older brother, Tariq:

"What you've seen is wrong. I beg you, don't let a few people shape your view on an entire faith. Because what I've seen in so many others is beautiful."

My complaint? It's too short. 99 minutes, c'mon! Maybe there should be a "Mooz-lum 2".


aishah amin said…
You've seen it? is it any good?
purplelurve said…
never heard of this. but now i do! thanks a lot. will watch this.

gonna write about this in my blog. dont mind if share on this ya?
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Aishah: Yup watched it in full after I wrote this post. Definitely worth watching! 99 minutes only too.

purplelurve: Of course, feel free to =)
Yunne Osman said…
thanks sha for sharing this. am going to watch it later when eshan sleeps =)
Moccona said…
This sounds amazing! Thanks for the post, will watch it tonight after my exam :)
Moccona said…
This sounds amazing! Thanks for the post, will watch it tonight after my exam inshaAllah :)

Perhaps with your permission, I can share this link with others?
R S said…
I remember watching this trailer aaages ago. I'm a bit skeptical of this movie just by watching the trailer. I've no idea whether it'd be any good. Would hate it if it turned out to be one of those soppy cliches. Hmmm.
khawla said…
Until now i was a silent reader, but i can´t anymore, after watching the trailer i have goosepimples!! is it posible that after all we have a decent movie about muslims?!! I hope so, i can´t wait to watch it!
I want to thank u Shahira about this post (and the entire blog :) i feel really conected to you in a lot of ways (since I live in a non-muslim country too) i would like to comment and tell u a lot of things but my english is so limited :( (i´m trying to improve it insha-allah) you´re doing a great job!
Hanafedora said…
I've watched it!! Great story which is based on true event.
Gonna watch it soon! Ive heard its really good too, thanks! :)
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Kak Yunne: I hope you will like the movie =) Do tell us what you think of it in your blog (if you have the time!)

Moccona: Definitely watch it after exams lol. Good luck with them by the way! Oh and you don't need to ask for my permission. It's not my link so feel free to share it.

RS: You know, from the trailer it does seem a bit cliched but when I watched it I was surprised that it's not quite as cliched as one would think it would be. I was hoping the movie would portray a more positive relationship between Muslims but the reality is we as Muslims do need to look at ourselves and see what are the mistakes we are making that are deeply affecting the lives of people around us.

khawla: Aww thank you for breaking out of your silence to tell me how you feel. It means a lot to me. Your command of English seems fine to me so don't be afraid to comment again okay? =)

Hana: Yeah! It's different kan? I hope to see more movies / documentaries by Muslims in the future.

Smiley: No problem. Hope you enjoy the movie!
Elisa said…
I just finished watching it a couple days ago. I've been waiting since before it came out to see it. Thank you for sharing the link. It was such a great film!!!!
Yunne Osman said…
sure sha. i finally did. i just finished writing the review on this film and posted in my blog =) i hope people don't think i'm such a critic hahahaha