Thriller: "Niqabis" in Paris

Thriller in Paris - extended from redragprod on Vimeo.

I was working on a major assignment when Chloe showed me this. 
LOL. No offence to any niqabis out there.
 I'm speechless but I think it's funny nevertheless.

Do you think the dancers effectively sent their message across? 
Please watch until the end of the video to know why it was created.
Hopefully you will understand  the positive message behind it  =) 


IFA Athirah said…
saya rse msg diorg smpai :) org yg brniqab pn sama mcm org lain gak.cuma, cara pemakaian je brbeza.
mera said…
it's so obvious that the one who was dancing was MEN not women.. they just dress up for the sake of entertainment.. i find it offensive for those who are wearing niqabs. That shouldn't be the proper way of showing modesty
Haaniah said…
c'etait vraiment drole. thats the best french I can do ;) made me chuckle at least
Hanafedora said…
that rule is ridiculous. Very judgemental. What are the different between girls who wore niqab and girls who wore bikini? Clothes are own's right. The niqabis didn't do anything wrong. The France ruler who approved with the rule don't really have a very good reasons for banning it. What a joke! This video is funny! Haha :) Totally get the msg and the humour projected.
Mona Zenhom said…
I think it was great. I don't think it was offensive but I'm not niqabi so I can't really judge. I do believe their intention was good. Thanks Sha.
R S said…
LOL!!!! This was soooo amusing and yes, I get the message. I don't find it offensive although many people who are uptight, may.

I guess niqabs are banned cos they're not a social norm in France and I read somewhere that niqabs make conversation with niqabis impersonal and the govt does not want to promote this.

Personally, people may disagree with me, but since where was covering your nose and mouth necessary? It states nowhere in the Quran that we've to do so. Therefore it doesn't really affect one's 'muslim-ness'.

From what I'm aware of, Arabs do this due to privacy. Their husbands do not want other men to see their beauty. A lot of niqabis do wear them due to their OWN preferences so that I respect, too.

But as far as iman is concerned, it doesn't affect it whatsoever...

Heck, aren't niqabs banned at Al-Azhar? I saw it on CNN a year or 2 back. One of the leading religious scholars say that it's not required in Islam (which is true!)... so yeah.
Nevin said…
HAHA! I LOVE this! Thank you for sharing :) Whatever people thought of it, it made the people watching, THINK. Think about the issue. It also lightens up the issue a little bit. I think it's great fighting these ridiculous laws in a humorous way! :)
Naziehah said…
This is a great video! These rules, in my opinion, is not too different from the ridiculous 'Obedient Wives Club' controversy in Malaysia. These are all efforts to oppress, label, and belittle women's existence and intelligence in a society.

I get the message of the video :)
"Ridiculing hysteria" is a healthy thing to do. By posting this around the internet they will achieve their objective - I hope. But the actual performance will probably have been interpreted negatively by the spectators at the time.

Anyway, hysteria won in the end, right?
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Ifa: Betul, betul =)

mera: I appreciate your comment. I don't think the purpose of the video was to promote modesty though.

Haaniah: Totally! Especially the break dancing bit lol

Hana: Tbh, I understand both sides of the argument. I think the hijab is foreign enough to non-Muslims and the niqab is even harder for them to accept. It's a tough situation to be in and my heart goes out to all Muslim sisters who are trying to protect their modesty in any way, shape or form, be it hijab, niqab or just a dressing modestly..

Mona Z: I'm with you. I do think they had good intentions but it's hard to avoid misinterpretations or just different point of views.

RS: Well the argument is that the Mother of the Believers wore niqab but it's because they were given a huge responsibility of representing and spreading Islam. I don't think the niqab is mandatory upon every woman but I can understand why Muslim women would want to wear it. It's a higher level of modesty (or it should be). I'm okay with it as long as when they cover their faces they don't close their minds as well.

Nevin: I agree! It was about making people THINK =) And people are allowed to think whatever they want but they can't impose their views on others.

Naziehah: Ooh I haven't heard about the Obedient Wives Club controversy in Msia. Will definitely look into inshaAllah =)

TLS: Hysteria usually wins. It appeals to the "dark side" in humans. It's kind of ironic, don't you think? I mean these are the very same people who tell Muslims to be more open minded but they're not open minded themselves.
Anonymous said…
well i got banned for posting this on ummah forum,

You have been banned for the following reason:
you have a problem with sisters practicing niqab, for which you post this filth wheren men wearing niqab are dancing there by promoting them? Sort your stupid self out or dont come back on this forum

all i did was post the link, lol
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Anon: Oh dear, I'm really sorry you had to go through that. It's hard when people interpret things differently. I have a feeling the people who banned you didn't even watch the video until the end and jumped into conclusions. Don't worry, inshaAllah you'll be part of a forum where people are a bit more open-minded and don't jump into conclusions so easily!