Weekend Snapshots

Weekends are the only chance I get to relax and even then I always have something to do. Apparently it's all due to genetics. According to the famous book, Eat Right for Your Blood Type by Dr. Peter D'Adamo, people with A+ blood like to find things to do to keep themselves busy. That is very, very true ya'll. My Mum has A+  blood type too and she is the busiest retired woman I know!

Now because I love all my readers so much I decided to share my weekend snapshots whilst writing an essay for one of my Politics paper which is due on Thursday. Oh yes might I add those with A+ blood are also chronic multi-taskers =D

Friday: My Lamb Pizola during Tasneem's farewell dinner, Paasha

Saturday: Fire performers during Earth Hour, Octagon

Sunday: Babysitting kids, Botanical Garden

Enjoying a jelly-tip ice cream by the duck pond, Botanical Garden

Peach Orchid, Botanical Garden

Peach Rose, Botanical Garden

Guess who sneaked into my shopping trolley?, New World Supermarket

P.S. I can't wait for the 1 week Easter Break starting this Friday! Finally, I get some time to rest do more studying because I have 2 tests right after the break. . . and I still love being in Uni, strange huh?


Texan after UAE said…
Masha'a'Allah! sweetie, these pictures are really nice. Fun fun fun! studying. LOL NOT! I hope you have a nice break! That little girl, is gorgeous! I am sure she had fun with YOU.
Anonymous said…
I hear ya Sha, it doesn't matter how busy I get, I am always able to post something.. But I think we must both love writing, so that helps a bit ;)

Oh yea, I am A+ also...
Ace said…
I just found your blog, and I must say, MashaAllah its really good! :)
Lovely snaps Shahirah! looks like you had a great weekend!
The flowers are so pretty, love the colours.
Aisha said…
lovely photos, thank you for sharing :) nice to know u had a great weekend!
Anonymous said…
lol! awesome blog!!