Fashion Friday: Laysu

One of the best perks about being a new hijabi is that my friends like to give me hijabs as presents! =)

My favourite ones at the moment are from my friend, Lamya. She is Omani and one of my closest friends in Dunedin. In fact, I'm even crashing at her place for almost 2 weeks while I wait for my mum to get back from Malaysia. She's been the perfect host... cooking and making sure I'm all comfy here. Thank you, Mya!

Anyhoo, she gave me 2 pieces of these fabulous things called 'laysu'. They're not meant to be worn as hijabs because they are very long compared to normal hijabs but it can be done by folding them in half or by creating the 'volume effect' as they are usually made of very thin material. The print or pattern looks ethnic yet modern and I am officially in love with the Omani 'laysu' because of their bright and bold colours.

Y'know what? I found a really good article about these pretty pieces here so I'm going to share an extract with you.
The laysu (also called a lusy) is a more casual version of the lahaf, hijab or shayla worn for more formal occasions. It is larger, brighter and bolder; it invariably sports a border on all four sides. It may be worn at home, among friends, on picnics or while running small errands. The loosely-woven material is cool and breathes even in the intense heat of the Omani summer. Bright colours and bold patterns give the laysu a cheery look. A beautiful new laysu is a sought-after item for Eid morning. Although traditionally the laysu does not usually match the outfit a woman is wearing, more recently laysus and dress cloth are offered in matching patterns.
The laysu is primarily an unfussy garment meant for comfort more than glamour, but sometimes the scarves are dressed up for special occasions with gold outlining, bullet-like metal embellishments, fringes or beads.
And this is what they look like...

I like this one so much, I did a major hijab faux pas by wearing it 2 days in a row.

This laysu covers 90% of Lamya's double bed!


Pretty in blue and tangerine

I love colours especially vibrant ones. I use them to express myself and to be creative. Despite what fashion magazines say I don't think colours go out of trend. It all depends on how you style yourself. Whether you wear a hijab or not and you feel like trying something new but you're not quite sure what, why not try a new colour? While you're at it perhaps make it a bright and bold one. But pair it with a neutral or dark coloured clothing item so that you don't blind people in the street!


Smart CoOKie said…
OMG I love them. Especially the pink one. I'm going to Oman to get me some.
Anonymous said…
That blue is gorgeous!
Aisha said…
They're gorgeous, my faves the pink one. You look beautiful masha'allah!
It's beautiful! I've been researching which are the best fabrics to wear for the summer heat. Do you know what the laysu is made from?
If my fiance visits Oman again I'll ask him to bring me one of those back in the bright fuchsia color.
I like your new layout and picture by the way.
90% of her double bed! Woah that must be huge!
I love the colours and patterns on it, so pretty!
&& you look gorgeous! mashAllah.

PS: Loving the new layout btw!
Maryam said…
Welcome to the dark side, Shahirah.

I have to warn you, it seems that I might be a little too late, hijab shopping can be so addicting! Everytime I see a beautiful one in the store, the hijab starts talking to me "Maryam, don't I look beautiful! You know you want to drape me around your beautiful round head. I'm on SALE!!"

I'm in rehab right now, though. My mom put me on "punishment" from buying anymore hijabs :(
ashieBee said…
i like the blue oneeeeee :)) so pretty! you're really lucky to be around supportive friends! **hugs**
Mukhtaar said…
Any pointers where to get them from?
Stimulus said…
The layso is originally from Zanzibar. But because of the history between Oman and Zanzibar, Oman has adopted it and it's become some natural for all ladies to wear it at home.

They're all cotton, hence suitable for both summer and winter!
OmAbdullah said…
omg ive been such a horrible blogger recently! Im sorry I haven't been checking everyones blogs. and I totally missed the hijab change!

mashaAllah girly! You look gorgeous in your hijab! and wow they are all beautiful. Congrats :D
Amalia said…
Hi I'm new to your blog.
Congrats on wearing hijab and those colourful scarves are just beautiful!
LS said…
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LS said…

And these are sooo gorgeous<3 I've never heard of them before but I am defo. going to be looking out for some next time I go "hijab shopping"!
I swear, just looking at them makes me happy, their colours are so pretty!!
Thanx for this! XXX
LA ❤ said…
It very much suits you, the orange laysu =)

Always thought orange complimented your skin tone.
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Smart Cookie: While you're there get me some more too!

Anon: It is, isn't it? All thanks to Lamya!

Ashi: The pink one is simply divine ;)

Hispanic Muslimah: Definitely get him to bring you back some beautiful 'laysu's cos I'm not sure if you can get them in the States.

Smiley: Thank you hun! I'm lovin' the new layout too!

Maryam: You are sooo funny..,and right! I have a hijab addiction now. I don't even look for clothes as much as I look for hijabs. So many hijabs, so little time. Sigh.

AshieBee: MashaAllah I am lucky to have very very supportive friends, thanks hun =)

M Yusuf: Uhmm at this point, I only know you can get them in Oman.

Stimulus: Ooh thanks for the info! I know that in Oman they have the Zanzibaris, Lawatis, Balushis, etc. but I didn't know the 'laysu' is originally from Zanzibar.

OmAbdullah: You are totally forgiven =P Thank you! So far wearing hijab has been a good experience for me, alhamdulillah.

Amalia: Welcome to my blog hun! =)

Fatima: YAY! I'm glad this post made you happy. That's why I love bright colours so much. They instantly cheer me up.

Lil Me: Thank you Lamya! I owe it all to you for these beautiful 'laysu's *hugs*
Texan after UAE said…
OMG! how gorgeous!!!!! love them!!!!!!!