Goodbye Malaysia

I just found out that Miss ProudDuck and myself have something which is called Blogger's Syndrome. What's Blogger's Syndrome you ask?

1. You possess a heightened sense of responsibility when it comes to updating your blog. As you are incredibly busy during the day you are willing to stay up, even if it means until 2 a.m., just to update your own little corner in cyberspace.
2. You constantly think of possible blog material and thoughts such as these are not uncommon - "Ooh I'm so gonna blog about this!".
3. The amount of photos you take has significantly increased ever since you started blogging and this is caused by symptom number 2.
4. You talk about your blog when you meet your friends and then they catch the bug and decided to start blogging too.

Blogger's Syndrome is contagious!

My flight to New Zealand is TONIGHT and I've been so occupied the past 1 week. Sorry if I haven't replied to your comments and messages. There's just no time for it right now. I shouldn't even be online but I managed to sneak a few minutes in. My schedule is crazy busy and honestly, I haven't had enough sleep but I plan to do so during the entire 10 hour flight to Auckland, thank you very much! I spent the last 2 days doing some last minute shopping. By the way, I've never disliked shopping so much in my life. It was tiresome, rushed, I got into an argument with my mum and my feet hurts from all the walking.

I'm really sad to leave Malaysia... I don't think I'll be able to hold back my tears at the airport. I had the most amazing summer holiday ever and I'm grateful for everything - the smiles, hugs, tears, stress, laughter, excitement. My thoughts are all over the place right now so forgive me if this isn't coherent. I'm listening to 'Glitter in the Air' by Pink and I'm getting all sentimental and emotional! Thank you everyone for everything. You know who you are. I pray that everything goes well for all of us this year and hopefully we'll be able to see each other again end of this year. I'm gonna miss ALL OF YOU!!!!!!! ='(

Anyway let's focus on the good times! I had my farewell dinner with my closest friends @ Bijou recently. It's my favourite restaurant in KL at the moment. (Sorry for the terrible picture quality!)



What I ordered - the grilled steak sandwich. It was yum!


Long time buddy, David! We were classmates when we were 12 and he used to be shorter than me. Look how grown up he is now lol. Thanks for reading my blog, Dave!


Oh if you're wondering why I'm wearing hijab a.k.a. the headscarf in these pics... it's because I'm sorta practicing to wear it full-time someday when I'm completely ready. Why? I'll blog about it soon!

Goodbye Malaysia! I will definitely miss you!!!!


MashaAllah you look pretty in pink! I'm proud of you :-)
Get some rest & hope you have a safe trip inshaAllah.
Anonymous said…
oh you're not just wearin' hijab shahirah, you're workin' it!fabness. msia's missing you already.sobs.have a safe flight!;)
Hijab suits you, mashaAllah. May Allah swt give you the strength and courage to wear hijab full time. Ameen!
btw, the sandwich looks so yummy!
NZ said…
I think you look even lovelier as a hijabi!
Texan Teen said…
Aw you look like you had a GREAT time in Malaysia. Hopefully you'll be able to visit again real soon!
You look WONDERFUL!!!!
Texan after UAE said…
awe sweetie, Malaysia will miss you. You look very nice in your hijab ! masha'a'Allah. I love the pictures. I'm sure your friends will miss you, as well. ((((hugs)))) let us know if you got there okay.
Sara said…
Sha, it doesnt matter what you wear, you still look gorgeous!

Have a safe flight darling :)
Chloe said…
man I love your scarf!!
LS said…
MashAllah, you're gorgeous!!!
And I just LOL-ed when I read the bit about the "Blogger's Syndrome" man I can totally relate XP
Aww, you look so pretty, mashAllah. the pink really suits you!
Hope you had a safe journey! :)
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Hispanic Muslimah: Thank you hun! Check your inbox soon ;)

Aimie: Terima kasih hehe... oh well, I try =P Btw, I miss Malaysia already. But not the heat!

Rene: Thank you for the dua. I appreciate it! It takes quite a bit of courage to wear it and inshaAllah I'll have more and more of it =) The sandwich was awesome! I'll miss Bijou most definitely.

NZ: That's so sweet, thank you! Welcome to my blog btw.

Texan Teen: Hi hun! I did, I had an amazing holiday thanks to so many lovely people. Thank you for the compliment *hugs*

Texan in UAE: Hi darling! Thank youuu! I made it here safely, alhamdulillah.

Sara: Awww *HUGS* thank you!

Chloe: You and I share the same passion for colours. Can't wait to see you <3

Fatima: Hey you're back!! =D

Smiley: You always say the sweetest things, thank you. Yes I made it!! And I just found out I have no lectures on Monday, woo hoo =D
Nore said…
Salam Sha

You look good in the hijab! =)

(reached your blog via PD's)
Maryam said…
mmm, do you want to give me some fashion tips? ;)

shahirah, you look absolutely gorg. the hot pink really does suit you well, and I'm loving the hijab.

can i borrow it? :P
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Nore: Hi there, welcome to my blog =) Thanks for the sweet comment.

Maryam: Oh by all means, I'd love for you to try some bright colours. Yes you may come and borrow it =P
Mona Zenhom said…
MashaAllah, you're just gorgeous. I love the symptoms! I have them all.