Fashion Friday: Summer Love

TGIF and Jumaah Mubarak everyone =) What a week it has been! I've only been back a week and I feel like so much has happened. I had a test, class debate and to top it all off, I'm officially sick now thanks to a pretty drastic temperature drop a few days ago. Alhamdulillah it's sunny today but oh my it was freezing yesterday and the day before. It drizzled, rained and hailed! That's life in Dunedin for ya.

Anyhoo! On to happier things =) I've decided to start a 'Fashion Friday' segment in my blog. What better way to start the weekend then to blog about one of my biggest passions in life, right? I also have to start designing a new layout as yes, I've decided to wear the hijab for good, inshaAllah. So much to do so little time...

But now it's time to let the Fashion Fridays begin! When I arrived New Zealand last week I spent a night in Auckland. I had the opportunity to spend a couple of hours with my beautiful and vivacious friend, Shaymaa, who used to study in Dunedin. She now studies in Auckland where she gets to be with her family. Lucky girl!

While I was there she took me to Mo Mo Tea for some bubble tea as I've never tried it before. Then we went to Eastern Beach and had a magical time! It was an amazing way to start my year in NZ this year as it made me realise again how much I love NZ's landscape and scenery and how peaceful this country is.

Anyway, Shaymaa, who is an avid fan of Lady Gaga by the way, looked so pretty with her summer maxi dress mashaAllah so I've decided to feature her in my first Fashion Friday post. Check out the sweet bronze headband she wore on her hijab that day too. Everything matched so beautifully and she deserves to be featured as one stylish hijabi.

I had an amazing time with Shaymaa. It was also the first time I wore hijab in NZ (apart from going to the mosque) and from that day onwards, I never left home without a hijab. Thank you Shaymaa for making it such a special day for me. Lotsa love from me!

Me with my almond milk bubble tea and yes this was taken after a 10 hour flight. I slept during most of it but I was still pretty tired.

Elegant and pretty

Feather print on Shaymaa's maxi dress


Being in NZ is pure bliss


Aisha said…
would it be weird if i congratulated u on wearing hijab full time?

if not then, congratulations!!! :D

both, u and ur friend have great style, i'm loving that headband!
Anonymous said…
Dear, you look so good! I've been thinking and wanting to wear tudung for awhile now, and looking at how you (and your friend in this entry!) make wearing hijabs so fashionable, it makes me want to wear them even more. One day, hopefully soon, insyaallah.

I love your fashion friday idea. Looking forward for it every week! :)
Aliyah said…
You look pretty in wearing Hijab, xx
samaher said…
you got a sweet blog too
good luck with hejab though

Texan after UAE said…
Y'all are both! Gorgeous!!!! masha'a'Allah!!!! I pray you get better! rest rest rest! now I want some bubble tea. LOL
Raja Iva said…
Hey Shahirah,

Don't know if you remember me, but met you briefly when you were working at Halal Journal. I'm Raja's wife :)

Btw, don't mind if i follow your blog? And Mashaa'Allah on the transformation! You look absolutely stunning :)
ashieBee said…
both of you look so pretty :))
You both look so pretty! mashAllah. I love both outfits :D

&& the beach is stunning!
Anonymous said…
Salam Shahirah :o),

you look so pretty in hijab :)!
It's such a good idea starting Fashion Friday posts.I'll be following them for sure!
You and your friend have both an amazing style.
Kiss,kiss and quick recovery :)!
zahra said…
stunning photos. mashallah you both look fabulous! i need to start accessorising more lol!
hey babe! i love how u wear the hijab...and alhamdulillah for the positive day will come too Insyallah.:D
Mona Zenhom said…
You guys look great! Beautiful photos.
Anonymous said…
The headpiece is amazing! Where did she get it from, may I ask? Brilliantly accessorised. Have a wonderful day!
Smart CoOKie said…
MashAllah. I'm so happy for you. =]
Anonymous said…
Hey guys, its Shaymaa.
Im sooo happy to see how supportive everyone is and how kind you all are, thank you all for your comments and compliments. God bless you all :)

Miss anonymous: I got the head piece from Dotti in NZ, Im sure you can order it online if your not in NZ.

Once again Sha you look AMAZING with your headscarf :)
mabrook on this new step in your life and I wish you all the happiness in the world.

Lots of Love, hugs and Kises :D

NZ said…
You look so wonderful in a hijab!
Shahirah Elaiza said…
I didn't expect such a positive response! Yay to Fashion Friday =D Thank you to each and everyone of you. You made Shaymaa and I's day for many days... if that makes sense hehe.

InshaAllah I'll continue with hijab for the sake of pleasing my Creator... it's not always easy but I keep reminding myself there's more to life than what it seems to many people. Again, thank you for the support, I really really appreciate each and every person who has taken the time to encourage and comment on this new step in my life =)
LA ❤ said…
The place is amaaazing!

Lovin' your colors Shah, full of life =D and they suit you very much. Can't imagine you in dark colors!
Anonymous said…
suke bace entry2 akak (:

*a lil weirdo who speaks malay here