Kooky Update

Hi everyone!

I just finished 3 hours of lectures. 1 hour of New Politics and 2 hours of Advanced Communication Theory. That's right, 2 straight hours... no break, no nothin'. Sometimes I really wonder why the lecturer does that. It's known that the attention span of the average student is 20 minutes and the usual 50 minute lecture has already gone 30 minutes overboard so why quadruple that? I'm pretty sure my brain switched off for 5 minutes after the first hour.

Just a quick update! I am in the midst of changing my blog layout so don't mind the odd bits here and there. Last night I spent almost an hour trying to figure out how to change the font size for the date header. (Look above, it's tinier compared to the rest of the other fonts in the blog, grrr). This is the thing with HTML. You have to be so precise and careful. One small mistake and it doesn't turn out as it should be.

Also, I'm attending the Muslim Students' Association (MUSA) Sisters meeting tonight. Apparently someone nominated me as the sisters' Ameerah (equivalent to the brothers' President). You cheeky, cheeky person! I didn't see that coming at all. Well I don't know if I'll get the part or if I necessarily want it either. I mean, I do have a lot to juggle this year. However, I've decided to accept the nomination and see how things turn out. Whether the post is mine or not I'll help out with the MUSA Committee as I always have in previous years.

Lastly, I'm finally going to watch Alice in Wonderland! After tonight's meeting of course. I'm not crazy about movies but I feel like watching something artistically creative as of late.

I just noticed something on my blog. The header image of myself and my profile image appear to be looking at each other =P Ah, 3 hours of serious knowledge absorption has clearly made me a little kooky today.


Aisha said…
There was one year when we had a timetable, which had us down for 3 lectures in one go starting at 9am. Oh the torture..

*turns away in angst*

I really want to see the new Alice film [Johhny Depp <3] let us know how it is! :D
Smart CoOKie said…
You get no sympathy from me. I spent 4 hours in a Forensic Medicine lecture with NO breaks! Err. Though at least the material was very interesting.
Anonymous said…
Mwah,mwah :)!
I like it how both pictures above look at eachother =).It's cute!
2 hours straight is ridiculous. Dunno how they do it.
The pictures are lovely and well spotted. You are eyeing one another big time
Aliyah said…
New layout was awesome! :)
aliyah said…
New layout was awesome. :)
Anonymous said…
Do keep this blog layout.. Gorgeous!
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Ashi: Done! Just for you =)

Smart Cookie: 4 hours with no breaks whatsoever sounds nasty!

Jasmina and Smiley: It was kinda silly wasn't it?

Aliyah: Thanks!

Sarah: Thank youuu. I am =D