Happy Birthday Chloe

Happy 23rd birthday to my tree-hugging, flower-sniffing friend, Chloe!
Hehe, okay, she's also a very talented artist and an amazing friend, mashaa Allah.
I don't usually do birthday shout outs on my blog but I miss her.
I also miss how we used to celebrate our birthdays together because they're just days apart. 
Hope you have a wonderful "birth-week", Chlo. 
(Yeah, I decided birth-days are lame. Why limit yourself to only one day of pampering?)
 May Allah swt bless you with love, happiness and barakah always.

xox, Sha 


Chloe said…
Yay for 'birthweek'! Love you heaps Sha, this was such a nice surprise! I'm gonna miss you a lot more this month I think xox
Very nice pictures, congrats.

XO Arezu
Anonymous said…
CHLOE stoped posting from Monday, July 25, 2011 onwards?..
Shahirah Elaiza said…
@Chloe, love you fellow Virgo ;)

@Arezu, thank you, I kinda miss the scenery in NZ now!

@Anon, she hasn't stopped. Her new blog addres is http://www.chloeidris.com/
Sajida said…
OMG this is so cute!
Happy Birthday Shahirah and Chloe. This is a beautiful post mashaAllah and loving the birth week idea. I will talk about it at home birth aotearo's meeting on monday inshaAllah! :) xoxoxo