Travelling Monk

The travelling monk, Kuala Lumpur International Airport, September 2012.

This moment caught my attention because when I think of monks I don't think of airports. I think of monasteries. An image of monks meditating peacefully and concentrating on their spiritual journey is what pops up in my head. Like many, I have confused spiritualism with ritualism. 

I once heard, "The spiritual life is not what you think it is." Those words resonated with me. Similarly, there's no reason why the spiritual journey should be what we think it is. Surely it entails consistent practices but by no means should it be limited to only rituals.

To be aware of one's spirituality and to have faith is to manifest faith into everyday, ordinary practices. True faith lives on in our hearts and actions. True faith is never left behind on the prayer mat. It travels with us, no matter where we go and what we do.

Abu Firas (rahimahullah) of the tribe of Aslam narrated that a person loudly asked: O Rasulullah! What is Iman (faith)?

He replied: Ikhlas (sincerity). {Baihaqi}


anonymous said…
beautiful thoughts, as always mashaAllah. you are right, we should be "full time muslims" and even the things in our lives that are not apparently "religous acts" should be for the sake of Allah. our eating, breathing, sleeping etc because everything is interrelated.
Ikhlas said…
Beautiful...thank you for sharing!