Monday, September 17, 2012


I like to live my life in the fast lane. Especially during my pre-hijab days. After wearing the hijab I inadvertently slowed down a little, started changing some of my ways and contemplating more on my actions. I became more spiritual and my love for Islam grew. I spent more time with Muslims and my view on Islam and Muslims widened. I spent more time with people of other faiths, cultures and backgrounds and my love for humanity grew. I have had good and bad experiences along the way and these experiences have shaped me. I am growing up. Becoming more comfortable in my skin. Moulding my personal and social environment. Finding and creating peace in my life. 

All this takes time. I just turned 25. My journey hasn't just begun. It's in motion. And when living in the age of social media and the "look at me" culture it's important to know that it really doesn't matter what we say on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or in our blogs.

What matters most is what we say to people in the conversations we have with them. Our presence in the lives of our loved ones. The lessons learnt from places we visit. The relationships we develop and the ones we end. The aspirations and inspirations we choose for ourselves. The time and effort we dedicate to be good and do good. The strength we harness in moments of adversity.

What matters most is how we live our lives everyday.

Written with love from Korea.


Magz and Mez said...

Inshallah Allah blesses you with many more years to come. Happy birthday x


Rahma Fateen said...

Masha'Allah! Happy Birthday Shahirah! x

JASMINA said...

Happy birthday :) dear Shahirah :)!!!

Anonymous said...

Salam -

Happy Birthday cik adik manis.
read that poem - really made my day.

kak Norr

Green Applez said...

Semoga Allah selamatkan kamu :)

btw, enjoy ur day in Korea :D
hope u'll put some nice picha there especially the nice scene ^__^

Nubenegra said...

Masha Allah, you always write such wonderful things... You must take care with your words, you can conquer anyone with them!!! :P
Happy birthday, nice holidays and may Allah give you all the baraka you deserve because of the deep thoughts you share with us.
Kisses from the other corner of the world.

Rayhaanah said...

SubhanAllah !

ctmz said...

happy birthday dear~ may ALLAH bless u.. aminn..
jom exchange link dgn ct plak :


Fida I said...

Thank you and happy birthday! Have fun and may Allah keep on blessing you (:

shaz said...

Happy Birthday Sha!
Im always captivated by ur words...
Give me some sense of serenity each time...

Oum Hamna said...

Masha Allah I just turned 25 on the 16th of september and I just feel and think the same, your words could have been my own words! May Allah bless you and put his barakah in your life Amine.

Malin Lin said...

Happy Birthday! :)

Shahirah Elaiza said...

Thank you everyone! I appreciate it xox

@Veronica, still waiting on that e-mail from you, missy. Hope you've been well xo

@Oum Hana, ameeen and happy belated birthday to you. May Allah swt grant you barakah & success in everything you do isA xo