Style Sunday: Saffiyah

Some of The Scarflets and I were at Sugarscarf Boutique for an interview with TV 9. 
It was for a 5 minute slot so my one and only line was: "Saksikan kami di Saffiyah, Ahad 9 malam di TV 9". Haha! 
(English translation: "Watch our appearance on Saffiyah, Sunday 9 pm on TV 9)

The other "Shahirah", Ami Schaheera ;) 
I love her outfit so much. What a beautiful combination of colours. 
And I'm wearing one of my fave dresses. The "hi-low" trend is very hot in New Zealand at the mo'.
You can expect to see me wearing this dress heaps, I'm sure!

Eyqa, the gorgeous boutique owner

Exchanging stories

4 smiles and a pout

Everybody act normal! Btw, notice how Shea's outfit matches her phone? ;)

Aishah Amin, the sweetheart

Sisters: My sister and I with Aishah and Fatimah Amin

Truthfully, it was just a good excuse for us to get together again.
My favourite part of the night was when we were all sitting down on the floor.
 Maria was next to me. At one point she casually rested her head on my shoulder, took my hand and said,
"I'm glad you're here."
"Aww.. I'm glad we're all here," I answered.
"No, I'm glad you're here in Malaysia."

So sweet, right?
The simplest gestures can mean so much. 
*warm fuzzy feeling* 


HijabRevival.. said…
you girls are so lucky!! so many awesome bloggers together!! inshallah on my next visit to Malaysia (I frequent your beautiful country often) I want to meet you all!! maybe another excuse for a bloggers meet??
Unknown said…
Love the photos sha, and i'm glad you're back too :)
See you next week insyaAllah!
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Thank you Seyma! Would love to meet you. Buzz me when you're coming over =)

You're coming to the course? Yay! See you Ami!
Sue Anna Joe said…
Always so lovely. Can't wait to watch. Sayang tak dapat join!
Asyik Izas said…
everything beautiful dear:)
muslimah said…
mashaAllah all of you are so beautiful. i was attracted to one of sis, who wear dark chocolate scarf. who is she? her scarf's really simple and cover the chest :)
aishah amin said…
Masyallah beautiful photos and a more beautiful you!;) had a great time seeing you again and the girls, and meeting your sister!

Unknown said…
aww love ur outfit:D i've never think of that! HAHA
Anonymous said…
You all are so beautiful, Mashallah, and so well dressed. Ever since I have been in Singapore, I am always looking at the Malaysian women and how they look so modest and stylish!

I wish we had a boutique like this in Dubai. I can't wait to visit Malaysia (IA)!
-Amina said…
Love the color of the scarf on you! Is it jade?

MashaAllah, all you girls look beautiful! :)

I wish you were here :( I need my shopping/sushi buddy.
Iffah Izzati said…
always LOVE to see you pretty Scarflet girls! all so CANTIK and inspiring! :)

am a fan of you girls! from spore. weee!

iffah izzati