Productive Muslim in Kuala Lumpur

I'm sure you guys have come across Productive Muslim. Or at least Productive Ramadan. If you haven't... where have you been?! For almost two years I've enjoyed reading their articles and watching their YouTube  videos.

That's why I was stoked when I found out the founder of Productive Muslim would be in Kuala Lumpur to give a two-day seminar on how to be a productive Muslim (totally saw that coming didn't you?). It took place yesterday and today at the International Islamic University of Malaysia.

I went with my friends and family. It really brings you closer and makes the learning process more fun. The founder of Productive Muslim would say, "There's barakah in learning together!" lol  Although I did feel tired (and a tad cranky) throughout the two days because the air conditioning system broke down! It's hard for me to focus in a room filled with 500 people without air conditioning -_- This is Malaysia we're talking about!

Yup, that's him. Abu Productive. Mohammed Faris.
He currently works as a Risk Management Specialist at an Islamic Development Bank in Saudi Arabia.
He founded Productive Muslim when he was studying in UK, mashaAllah.

Alhamdulillah, I learned a lot. I will definitely write about it but I kind of don't know where to start.
We covered so many things in two days. InshaAllah, He'll give me inspiration.

One of the things I enjoyed learning about is the 18 sources of Barakah.

To get an idea of what he's like as a speaker, watch this.
Or you can read Maria's post about the seminar and other awesome things that happened during her week.


Laila said…
I know his website, I really like all his tips, they're so useful. I would like to be in one of his conferences!
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Laila, pray that he visits Spain in the near future, inshaAllah =) I'm sure there are many Muslims there who would love to benefit from his talks.
Jazak Allah Khair for the share and the kind words!

And best of all, the 18 sources visualized! We'll share it with the team, insha Allah,

BarakaAllah feekum,

ProductiveMuslim team.
Noor Of My Life said…
I came about productive muslim last ramadan and I cant tell you how much i have enjoyed there website,articles, videos etc, I started writing a post about them but I havent got around to posting it, i shall do soon inshallah.

I hope there is a talk in the UK sometime soon.
Anonymous said…
That looks like it was amazing! I really miss getting to go to lectures like these which are so common in the US! I live in Dubai and it is so sad that we do not have seminars such as these.
amirahms said…
Love the flower representative of barakah!!! genius MasyaAllah :)
husnayaacob said…
I just came across your blog. Such an inspiring blog. Thanks for all the beautiful reminders. One more thing, I want to get ur permission to upload the 18 sources of barakah on my profile. Huhu
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Thank you nozomi and husnabanana! Sure, go ahead and share it =)
anonymous said…
jazakAllah khair for this beneficial post! and especially that sources of barakah diagram, you are very creative mA :)
Anonymous said…
sis, i wanna share the flower pic plus any other beautiful reminder from ur blog :)
may allah bless u sis
Misha iCan said…
I always discover something new when I visit your blog, MashALlah, loving your post.
Please may I share the 18 sources of barakah pic.
JZK for sharing
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Yes please share! =) JazakAllah Khair
ザ-sylver- S said…
thanks for sharing :)