Assalamualaykum everyone! Since my return to Malaysia I've been indulging myself in total relaxation but my sister's been bugging me to start blogging again so here I am. All that packing and moving was so stressful  but I'm glad all that is in the past. My first week back has been all about spending time with my family, getting over my jet lag and acclimatising to the Malaysian weather. It's hot and humid here but I prefer this over snow and hail any day.

It's so good to be back in Kuala Lumpur, alhamdulillah! I haven't set a date for when this holiday will end as I haven't bought a return ticket to New Zealand. All I know is I need a break and I'm lucky to be able to have some time off to do the things I enjoy. It's also really nice to be back with my family and my sister is especially good at making me feel at home. She took me to see her new office yesterday because she has just been transferred to teach at the Food Science and Technology department of University Putra Malaysia at end of last year. After a quick tour she treated me to a 3-course lunch at the university's fine dining restaurant. I never knew a university could have a fine dining restaurant! 

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you... L'apprenti.

Eagerly waiting for the food my sister raved about. She told me the chefs are highly experienced and have worked in hotels around the world including Shangri La KL. 

Yay! The appetisers arrived. Freshly baked Italian bread served with 2 types of pesto and olive oil and...

Salmon tartar rolled with grilled eggplant served with herbs pesto sauce. It was refreshing and it did a good job of whetting my appetite. 

 The black and white mushroom soup was creamy and abundant with mushrooms. Just how I like it. 

We had the 200 gm slow cooked smoked BBQ beef ribs served with mustard mash potatoes, sauteed vegetables and homemade black pepper sauce as the main course. The chef said he braised it for 4 hours to create a tender and juicy rib steak. To say he cooked it to perfection is an understatement. 

Bread and butter pudding drizzled with caramel and topped with vanilla ice cream. Yup it tastes as good as it sounds. 

For dessert I ordered the chocolate coulant which literally means 'flowing chocolate'. It was moist and oozing with chocolate ganache. The perfect ending to a delicious meal. 

If you're ever in the Serdang / Putrajaya / Bangi area and feel like treating yourself to a world-class meal then L'apprenti is the restaurant for you. Not only is the food prepared by talented and experienced chefs but it's affordable too. If you don't believe me, check out the menu. Trust me, you'll easily spend hundreds if you eat similar dishes at a hotel in Kuala Lumpur. Bon app├ętit everyone!


-Amina said…
2 things:

1. I miss you! <3
2. Why didn't we study there?! Union Grill looks like a shabby shack compared to that! lol
Unknown said…
the food ..kecur air liur nie
Asyik Izas said…
sgt menyelerakan..
Sabrina said…
wah.... drooling! <3
Anonymous said…
hi Shahirah,welcome back home! the food looks delish. and wow all of that at a Uni?
Wawa T said…
TQ for sharing. Absolutely i'll go there.. :)
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Amina, I miss you toooo!!

All my wonders.... YOU'RE PREGGERS?! AND THIS IS HOW I FIND OUT? -_- lol, congratulations my love! mashaAllah! *excited*

cik aletheea, nikisa, Sabrina, Wawa -- yes you must go and try if you're around the area. I find it hard to believe the prices are relatively cheap for hotel quality food.

Thanks Anon, yup all that and more at L'Apprenti =0)
Yunne Osman said…
you're back?! owh, how can i not know? i didn't realize you're back. owh well, most probably because i rarely check my fb now or drop here. sorry. i've been occupied with eshan as usual. i will definitely try this place. i live so near and yet only found out from you!
Laila said…
The place is so awesome, and so that is the food :)
I also like your hijab!