A Delicious Affair in Melbourne (Pt. 1)

I've said it many times and I'll say it again. I'm in love with Melbourne city.

Whenever I'm there I feel at home and I don't even feel that way when I'm in Malaysia. What does it feel like?, you may ask. Well.... 
Like you are where you are supposed to be. 
Like everything fits. There's a sense of excitement yet it's comforting.
Like coincidentally bumping into an old friend when you are lost in a strange, new city. 

I've always been drawn to the 'modern-traditional' and to places of many cultures and these are exactly the things that Melbourne has to offer. I, being a total foodie, think it's awesome that these attributes are reflected in the types of food you can find there. From continuous rows of colourful and inviting Italian restaurants at Lygon Street to baklava-filled Lebanese cafés in the suburbs, Melbourne is the place to be if you simply love diversity because the city is all about diversity - from food to people. You'll see Somalis, Lebanese Arabs, Indonesians, Malaysians, Greeks, Italians - you name it. 

(l-r): I think that was probably my first time to see a parking lot sign board with 10 different languages! 
Snapshots of an Emirati jewellery store and a Lebanese café in Brunswick. I had Lebanese bread with haloumi cheese and baklava of course. 

My blogger-turned-real-life-friend, Fairuz, and her lovely family took me to QV for a Malaysian lunch. 
One chicken rice and soya bean drink with grass jelly later, I was stuffed! 
Not to mention, I had a little bit of Auntie's massive ABC (crushed ice with sweet condiments and peanuts)

Ah, Max Brenner. I heard a lot about this chocolate food joint from friends. I finally had the chance to go there and try their mouth-watering desserts and oh-so-refreshing pink grapefruit ice blended drink (thank you Iva!) 

... to be continued.


sooooo glad to se you love my hometown Melbourne it truly is a fantastic place!!! xoxoxox

Lady Dayana said…
yummy! u make me hungry!
Tahirah A. said…
shaaaaa....im not a fan of chocolates, but i looooooooooooooooove max branner's waffle and the milk chocolates....its yummehhh!!! :)
Elisa said…
That looks absolutely LOVELY!!! Can I have some of that chocolate cake?? YUMMY! LoL
I totally know what you mean though. . .I feel at home whenever I'm in Washington DC. It's just a place of it's own completely! So exciting, but a sense of calmness knowing that's the place you should be :)
Laila said…
O! I love Melbourne too, and I love it more when I see your photos,This week I saw a tv program ( Spanish people around the world) I they were Spanish in Melbourne, I love all the things I saw! I want to go there! :D
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Tahirah: I didn't try the waffle but the molten cake was sinful! =) They have so many choices... yumm.

Elisa: It's lovely.. and deadly... lol. One of my friends, Amina, will be in DC for a week or so. I'm so jealous (but happy for her of course). I'd looove to visit my blogger friends in the States =)

Laila: Melbourne is definitely exciting.. and I didn't even cover half of it. InshaAllah you'll get to go there one day =)
Zara A said…
Wsalaam sister Sha,
Lovely post! Wow, Masha'Allah... Melbourne sounds absolutely amazing!!!
I love that 'Multicultural' feel to it all. I shall definitely have to add that to the list of places that I 'must' travel too.
And that food looks 'yummmmyyy!' I'm definitely a chocoholic! It looks incredible.

Hope ur well sis,
p.s. I sent u an email xx
Anonymous said…
Yayy! My hometown <3 I know how you feel about Melbourne, I recently moved to Melbourne from Perth. I just feel like I fit in everything about this great city <3 It's such a big city, i'm still exploring and going new places, it's so exciting. Even though I go to uni and all, I still feel like i'm on holiday in Melbourne lol! You should move here it's awesomeee!
Subhan'Allah, the ABC looks fantastic!! I've never seen an ABC looking so resplendent even in Malaysia! Was it good, Sha? :))
Anonymous said…
omg - Sydney Road! I MISS that place! Clearly you had a fab fab time :) Alhamdulillah.

Love, Shareen.