Wedding Dress of the Year

{source: Daily Mirror}

A simple and elegantly exquisite wedding dress - a reflection of the royal bride.
She looked stunning and absolutely regal.
And what a ceremony... it was magical and fairytale-like. Everything a wedding should be.
If only the late Princess Diana could've been there.
I'm definitely looking forward to see more pictures tomorrow!


soukeina said…
AsalaymouAleykoum, It was a BEAUTIFUL wedding ^^, her dress was so ELEGANTLY <3
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Waalaykummusalam, I agree. Very beautiful!
;) said…

i love her simple and grace-kelly-inspire wedding dress!!
she looked simple yet stunning!!! ^^
Zara A said…
Yay! I also watched the wedding. Its a shame I was only 3 hours away from it. But it looked just as magical on TV.
Her dress was stunning! And I definitely have to agree with you on it being the 'wedding dress' of the year. As its been so chaotic here in the UK, I've been totally distracted from studying, heehee.
3 Day and I'm back to school :(
Hope you all have a lovely weekend xx
Shahirah Elaiza said…
r.i.n.a., simplicity goes a very long way =)

Zara, I think it's one of the most grand and televised weddings I'll ever witness in my life. An occasion I will always remember. There'll never be another royal wedding like that and did you see how many people went to see them? Thousands were there to see the kiss on the balcony! Wow! I can see it was a very happy day for you Brits =)
The entire thing was just amazing! And a wonderful distraction from studying. Everyone was either looking forward to the dress or the kiss or both :D
But her dress was very very beautiful!