All The Way From Istanbul

Speaking of holidays and travels, one of my dearest sisters in Islam, Hana Fedora, sent me a postcard when she visited Turkey a few weeks ago. I can't remember the last time someone sent me a postcard so I was totally happy to see this little surprise in my mailbox. It was like having a little piece of Istanbul sent to me. Since I'm on my Easter break at the moment I finally have a little bit of free time to share it with you all and I stress a little bit because I still have research to do during this 1 week break. 

Now run along and read Hana's post on Istanbul. 
It's filled with gorgeous pics that make you float away in dreams of far away adventures. 
(Awww, Hana, writing this post made me miss you more!)

xoxo, Sha


Hanafedora said…
Omg! You made the poscard seems sooo pretty in the first pic sha! Love the flower effect. And you have no idea how much more i miss you ;( come here please! So i can give u a big bear hug.
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Hana: You know me, I like to add flowers to everything lol. I wanna comeeee... if only London was a few hours away =( Hope your thesis is going well *hugs*
LuLu said…
oh how cute mA :)
hatim a.r said…
still remember my trip to istanbul few years ago. but that time im not into taking pictures,now when i look at hana's gorgeous photos im so freakin jelous haha
BuLaN said…
goin 2 istanbul otw back from visiting in laws :) tmrw
Zara A said…
Awww, I know how excited you must have felt getting a postcard! i would have felt the exact same way!
Theres nothing like receiving hand written letters and postcards through your mail box =)
heehee! I think the closest I must have gotten to Turkey was stopping at the Istanbul airport to catch a flight to Saudi Arabia (I was on a two-way flight)
iA, I would love to visit Turkey, Istanbul and actually get to explore the city itself! Sounds amazing!!!
I received your email sister and I just want to say that it was the most sweetest thing! Thank you so much for those Dua's that you emailed me a link to. I've been reading them and Alhamdulilah I'm feeling so much better towards my exams. I'm just working super hard! As for your degree, I think thats amazing. iA, May Allah (SWT) help you accomplish all your dreams in which you are very successful.
As you deserve to be!
Enjoy your break, hope you get all your work completed!
Love you lots xxx
kyo_9 said…
would be delighted if I had an opportunity to visit Istanbul in the future too~ ;)
Aisha said…
the art of writing letters/postcards is so lost, you are extremely lucky sha! the picture is lovely, i'd love go to turkery one day iA.

good luck with studying btw, keep at it. it'll be worth it in the end *hugs*
Sumeyye said…
whenever you need a post-card friend,just drop me a message :p

Greetings from Istanbul
diana said…
how cute dear :)
Barakallah all :)