Fashion Friday: Ethnically Speaking

Prints are definitely a hit this year and so far we've seen an upsurge of florals, abstracts, vintage polka dots and safari patterns. What's hot right now? Ethnic prints. I see them everywhere from dresses to shoes. As much as I love my florals I'm always keen on trying something new. There are all kinds ethnic prints to choose from: Indian, African, Oriental, Malay batik and Middle Eastern, just to name a few. If an outfit might be too overpowering for you then focus on having ethnic accessories. You'll look chic and unique, for sure!


Chloe said…
love it! you look gorgeous :) miss you xox
You look fabulous! I love this outfit! From where you have the dress?
-Amina said…
I love the dress Sha! I, too, miss you
Your look beautiful, Shahirah!
I LOVE this outfit!
the hijab is gorgeous!

Have a lovely weekend!
ᖇᗩE said…
tres chic and i ♥ the bangles
Lovely as always :))
Ps I'm v.jealous it's hot on your side of the world! x
RS said…
those designs are gorgeous!!! =) maaan, im inspired!
loving the Boho chic Hijabee look =) very very cute!
Nur said…
Prettttty! I shall dig up my wardrobe for those prints, hope to find it in there. :)
Houda said…
Somehow, you always successfully use complementery colours! You are gorgeous!
Pretty! Fashion like these should be more readily available. Modest, beautiful & simple =]
Feda said…
Nur said…
anw Sha, since u're in malaysia... u should take at least a day out with the square hijab. :)
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Chloe & Amina: Missing you two heaps!

bosnishmuslima: Thanks, got it from a mall in Malaysia =)

Smiley: Hijab belongs to my sis lol Thanks hun

Amalia: Shukran

Bitten: I combined my bangles with a bracelet because I love the charms on it =)

hijabi hippie hypo: I heard about the snow in London but trust me, Malaysia is wayyyy hot and humid. I went out for 10 minutes to take these photos and then I had to run back inside cos I was getting a headache from the heat.

RS: Us young Malay girls should use batik more. The West seem to appreciate it more than we do =P

Mrs. Handbag Addict: Thank you. Didn't realise that it does kinda look boho. I love the boho look, esp. Nicole Richie's style!

Nur: Yeah, ethnic prints are interesting. I think I might try to wear more of it this summer holiday. I bought my first square hijab a few days ago. InshaAllah will try to figure out ways to style it =)

Houda: Aww thank you, Houda. Good thing I have a sister to borrow hijabs from =P

Sorlisa: I agree. I liked the fact that the dress gave me complete coverage without me having to layer it up. It is really warm here in Malaysia!

Feda: Thank you!
Hi Shahirah, I just stumbled upon your blog and your fashion sense is very inspiring. Btw, you look great in this dress esp the print. Looks a little like pua kumbu design which I love so much
Shahirah Elaiza said…
Thank you Nadia. Welcome to my blog. Yes I think the print is inspired by the pua kumbu, good job on spotting it!
Azwa said…
Hi shahirah, i came accrossed ur blog while browsing through my friend's ur all ur dresses.. where did u buy this?